What is my new learning today?

There are many new resources that I would like to acquire but they are costly. Creating a wish list for purchase and a wish list to order through the OCT will be a lot new reading coming up and professional learning.

There are so many great ideas and tweeks to pedagogy that I want to implement into my practice to make math more meaningful to students. I can sometimes feel overwhelmed or inadequate as an educator as we sit here and come up with all these things that we should be doing. I promise that I am trying but the list gets larger of what we should be doing and almost unmanageable or unrealistic. We all need an overhaul to keep up with the change in needs, but sometimes it is a lot at once and it can be only one subject area.  

I have found this TLLP very worthwhile. Sometimes it does just takes sitting and collaborating with other educators in order to find a simple 'teaching hack' that makes things more manageable. It can be simply the time that was granted to do some of the research and inquires for ourselves. Time is also running low so this has been fantastic to explore, examine, ask questions and struggle through the productive discourse to problem solve some of the things we do as we teach and blog. The connections made in this TLLP have been fantastic and the professional connections are made in order to have 'help' when we struggle through and knowing there is someone else in the same position has been very comforting, especially for those of us that are very passionate about math, blogging, and high yield teaching strategies.  

What are my next steps and commitments?

Here are some next steps that I want to work through:

~ Following other teacher's blogs to gain ideas for collaboration and communication in math 

~ Connecting with blog buddies through google hangouts

~ Committing to more regular 3 part math lessons and cycling back to math concepts so it becomes more embedded in student's schema 

~ Keeping a running list of ideas to add into my program as I can - meaning that to do one well rather than a whole bunch at once and not done well 

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