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Videos coming soon - Watch this space:)

We are thrilled to have hosted a second successful Symposium showcasing the results of 10 diverse action research projects from educators within our board.  Huge thanks to the TLLP team who allowed the balance of our funding from our 2014-15 project to be extended into 2016 so we could finish our work.  

Attached, please find the full program from our Symposium.  We are working to review, reflect on and prepare to share video from the special day.  So do please watch this Group!


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I am looking forward to the videos Cathy. Thanks for all the hard work you do to make the videos available. 

Growth Mindset: How do I embed the growth mindset in my lessons so that it is relevant, meaningful and impactful for my students?  


Kelly McDougall, Secondary Visual Arts Teacher: After completing my Combined Honours Degree in Visual Arts and English, I spent a number of years as a professional artist exhibiting in both public and private galleries.   Later, I owned and operated three commercial art galleries located both on the west coast and here in Ontario.

During my twenties, I also spent three years as a house supervisor at a group home for young men.  I supported them as they made plans to meet their educational requirements, sought work and job training, accessed personal and family counseling and re-integrated back into society after being incarcerated. Both these experiences, as artist and as youth worker, have been critical to the development of my practice as an educator.

Last year was my first exposure to the BARN experience.  It was transformative.  The individuals leading the group created a collegial supportive atmosphere of inquiry.  Through focused dialogue and probing questions they helped hone my research journey and process as I searched for strategies to improve resiliency and self-worth in my students.  Knowing that I have only just begun to investigate this complex character trait my hope is to improve my practice through the intentional embedding of the growth mindset principles.

The following documents are a thematic reflection of some of the feedback we received from the 2016 BARN Symposium participants and a "wordle" created from all of the feedback provided.



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