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In sharing what we have learned about our practice through an inquiry we reflect on where we started, where we are now and the important points along the way.  By considering our audience when planning, interacting with them, and asking for feedback after our presentations we develop a better sense of where our learning fits in the broader context our audience brings to us.  I always find it a challenge to present because I care deeply about my learning at the same time as respecting the needs of my audience.  I want to convey what is important to me while sharing something of use to others.

Our original four TLLP members continued our learning about Math this year with a new twist - a focus on English Language Learners (ELLs).  Ryan Dawson, Melissa Juniper, Bradley Clarke and I used funding from the Bluewater Action Research Network as well as from a MISA grant to release ourselves as well as two other teachers, Ryan Hammond and Faye Brett.  We had the support of our ESL/ELD System Lead Teacher, Avis Dalgarno throughout our inquiry.  

We have had the opportunity to share the learning of Math ELL inquiries in a variety of venues with a variety of colleagues.  Each time we presented we managed to convey a different snapshot of what was important in our learning and we gathered feedback from our audience regarding the effectiveness of our presentation and the activities planned.  In each case the audience was able to help us identify the parts that resonated with them and pushed their thinking (e.g. hearing student voice, hearing teachers talk about their practice with vulnerability, allowing participants to struggle with the math, making the connections between good pedagogy in math and for ELLs clear) and the areas in which we could improve (in one case aligning our workshop description better with what was presented, in another preparing participants more for a math task to their math anxiety was lessened).  

Overall, I fell we as presenters have learned a lot from the experience of interacting with our audience in the same way we do with our students - by stating our intentions at the outset and asking for feedback on whether we met these intentions.  Below are some links to webinars, resources and PowerPoints:

1) I have presented 3 OTF Webinars based on the work we have been doing at Osprey School.  The ELL webinar I presented jointly with Avis Dalgarno:

               Math for English Language Learners

               Math?! Where do I begin? Part 1: Planning

               Math?! Where do I begin? Part 2: Assessment

2) BARN Sharing Our Learning Symposium: Video coming soon! (Bradley Clarke, Cathy Griffin, Melissa Juniper)

3)OAME Workshop: Links to Resources (Ryan Dawson, Cathy Griffin, Bradley Clarke, Melissa Juniper) See Workshop description below.

4) Celebrating Linguistic Diversity Conference:  Celebrating Linguistic Diversity power Point (Avis Dalgarno & Cathy Griffin)

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