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Nick and the TLLP/PKE team,

Thank you SO very much for the funding to go to ARNA! The mission statement of ARNA is a perfect fit for the work we do within the TLLP:

The Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA) unites college and university students and faculty conducting practitioner inquiry into teaching and learning with fellow action researchers in public schools, private schools, community settings and workplaces throughout the Americas. ARNA members are committed to taking action locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally to promote action research that is conducted with a commitment to honesty, integrity, inclusiveness, multi-vocality, engagement, and achievement within sustainable democratic societies.

The 12 teachers from Bluewater and at least one other from the TLLP group who presented at the conference were warmly welcomed with a hearty round of applause at the conference dinner to celebrate practitioner researchers sharing their knowledge publicly. I was honoured for my work through the TLLP, the PKE and my school with the Promising Young Researcher Award, "Your significant contributions to the ARNA Network and beyond have only begun to impact practice."

I thank you so much for the support you give us in Ontario as practioner researchers. The structures that support Ontario teachers to research their own practice were the envy of international academics, students and practitioners at the conference. I have many contacts who are awaiting my email sending them links to the work being done through the TLLP. We are so fortunate to be supported in doing the work that others are just able to dream about, hope for and are trying to sneak into the system like a Trojan horse (to quote Dr. Emily Ozer, an ARNA keynote speaker).

Attached are the ARNA conference abstracts which outline the work of the following Bluewater educators:

Liz Campbell, Krystal Damm, Bradley Clarke, Melissa Juniper, Tawnya Schlosser, Wendy Kolohon, Jane Frankin, Michelle Cunningham, Avis Dalgarno, Kathy Bauman and Ken Steinman.

The work you do and the work you invite us to do is so very much needed, appreciated and respected internationally.

Thank you,

Cathy Griffin

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