We are coming to an end with our inquiry unit on Measurement. Our focus this round was to focus on how to integrate student generated questions into daily student learning and creating authentic and hands-on learning activities. We have stumbled upon a few challenges along the way on how to teach the curriculum and allow for these inquiries to be explored in unison. As teachers, we are challenged to find this balance of curriculum vs inquiry. Our next challenge is how to address the students who have not fully grasped the math concepts once the unit is coming to an end while still challenging the higher learning students who have grasped all the concepts. 

We have brainstormed a few ideas to meet these challenges in our upcoming unit:

1.To balance the curriculum vs student inquiry questions that move off topic:

a. Take student inquiry questions and incorporate them into the minds-on activity or problem of the day. Begin the math lesson with the student generated questions. This may allow the inquiry question to meet the curriculum expectations.

b. Create the hands-on activities using student generated inquiry questions.

2. How to address students who have not fully grasped the concepts.

a. Ideally it would be great to have math booster groups to move these students along in their numeracy. However, this is not always ideal as the teaching resources are not always available. We will try to take this group of students during independent work time to review and move them forward with the concepts they find challenging. 

b. We are finding that these select students do not generally ask questions to further their learning. They are passive in their learning and move onto next steps and concepts before grasping the initial concepts. We are going to focus on motivating these students to ask the necessary questions that will have them clarify their learning in the moment in hopes that they will grasp the key concepts. 

Any ideas or sharings from past experiences would be greatly appreciated on our challenges!!

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