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L'Instant du Mentorat

Our engaging our students through multiple intelligences (focusing on bodily/kinaesthetic, visual/spatial, and music) 75% of our targeted students will improve 2 benchmark levels.

Step One - Test for our students learning styles and number sense. Use those students who are most music, body and visual learners as our target group and the rest of the class as a control group. We will pre and post test, and hope that all students will improve in number sense and that our target group will improve the most. We believe that we could then say, with some certainty, that the improvement was because of what we did, not some coincidence.

Step Two - Incorporate more technology, music and movement into our teaching, keeping track of the activities we do and anecdotal evidence on how they respond to them.

Step Three - Post test to see if our targetted students improved more than the controls and look at the whole class. Did the whole class see greater improvement between Sept and June? Improvement could be measure through report cards, EQAO and our own before and after testing. Improvement would be in percentages but it would also be important to note if the improvements were significant. Did we see improvement but students were still at level two? Did results improve enough to make the new teaching method worthwhile?

Let the journey begin....

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