Above you'll see the "vision" of interactive mentoring modules to support board NTIP teams as they plan professional learning for Mentors. You'll also see some "illustrative examples" of modules that are hyperlinked.  What do you think?  Are there modules missing...or are there other components we should consider including (e.g., videos, annotated bibliography of resources etc..).  Please share your thoughts here....and accept our sincere thanks for your input.

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Hi Jim,

I think that you have clearly outlined an enormous amount of appropriate information within the modules.  I really like the connection to Twitter.  I also like that all components of each module may be 'seen' in a running list.  From a planning standpoint, and for ease of conveying the most recent research-based information, I would like to be able to access either hyperlinks to relevant articles or a bibliography of resources (although the ease of having the articles linked as opposed to searching for them is a consideration).  I am thinking, for example, of two articles in Educational Leadership: "It's All About the Questions" and 'What Mentors Learn About Teaching".  I wonder if blog links might also be relevant here?

I should also mention that I like how you can choose to be notified when someone replies to your posts.  This will encourage more collaboration, I think.

Am wondering about an "annotated bibliography" for each module -- thinking it would provide useful links for people interested in going deeper in a specific area. 

Again, thanks for the suggestions Julie and keep 'em coming!



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