The 3 Cs (Consultant / Collaborator / Coach) / Les trois « C »

  • Illustrative Example of the 3Cs in Action (2 min 5 sec)*
  • This video is part of the 2014-15 Associate Teacher Partnership Project led by Lakehead University in collaboration with 7 local school districts. *Disponible en anglais seulement.


  • While these 3Cs are helpful as a frame, effective mentors demonstrate flexibility of stance and role based on the needs of the beginning teacher.

Bien que ces trois « C » constituent un cadre utile, un mentor efficace fait preuve de souplesse quant à sa position et à son rôle, selon les besoins du nouveau membre du personnel enseignant.





NTIP Resource Handbooks / Livrets pour appuyer le PIPNPE

  • Principals, NTIP board staff and Steering Committees may want to make reference to all or part of the following resource handbooks developed by the Ministry. Each handbook provides examples of best practices to support the implementation of the Induction Elements of the NTIP.
  • Les directrices et directeurs d'écoles ainsi que les cadres et les membres des comités directeurs dans les conseils pourront se servir, en partie ou en entier, des livrets suivants développés par le ministère. Chaque livret présente des exemples de pratiques réussies qui appuient la mise en œuvre des éléments d'insertion professionnelle du PIPNPE.



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Comment by Jim Strachan on October 15, 2012 at 3:16pm

Possible response or sharing activities related to the 3Cs:

  • Looking at the overview of the 3Cs, what differences are you noting between the consulting, collaborating and coaching stances?
  • Are there any connections or alignment between the 3Cs of mentoring and your work with students? If so, what are they?
  • The article mentions flexibility of stance and role based on the needs of the beginning teacher. Why do you feel this flexibility based on needs is important?  What could it look like for you as a mentor?

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