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We are loving One Note!!!!! At the beginning of the project we brainstormed ways in which we could document our learning throughout the project. We decided to use the app One Note to help with this process.

Within the app we were able to create a notebook that includes areas, such as: project goals, norms and protocols, meeting agendas, meeting minutes and links such as this one. We could also create individual areas for each team member to track their personal goals and learning. we are able to also include evidence of learning and growth by inserting pictures in our reflections. We have found this app amazing as it allows us to both share information with each other and organize all of our information in one place.

We have also utilized this app to create notebooks to document student learning within our own classrooms.

We are wondering what other apps educators are using and find effective for documeenting.

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I am really enjoying this app as well. I find it has been an effective tool to be able to enter personal goals and reflections on this learning journey. I have been using it for use within the class and it's effective but I need to be more efficient. (Take time).
I agree. I'm not tech-savvy at all but One Note is actually working for me! I love how it brings our TLLP meetings together and shares information. I am also learning to use the program in the classroom and become more proficient at using it for documentation. Thanks for all the tech-support Roberta!

I have been using Seasme (app Snap) for documenting student learning. Includes tools to create assessments and attach to pictures / videos of student work. 


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