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SHS Accountable Talk Inquiry

Welcome to SHS team's TLLP discussion and relfection board. Our project is based on Accountable Talk strategies in the classroom. We are researching, compiling, testing and implementing each strategy in the classroom. Our goal is to increase student accountability and engagement, which will encourage student success.

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Comment by Joanne Querel on November 8, 2014 at 4:24pm

Hi Ladies,

    I too, will be anxious to hear all about the Summit! It must be incredible and inspirational to see the power of teacher leaders and the impact this learning will have on students and staff alike! A proud SOE for sure!

Safe travels now.



Comment by Kim Savoie on November 8, 2014 at 11:01am
Wow! Erin and I are currently at the TLLP summit. We are learning and sharing and learning some more. It is a wonderful, uplifting experience!
Comment by Erin Briska on November 8, 2014 at 10:55am

Connect to 'Chit- Chat'. A Teacher resource at your fingertips!

Comment by Michela Pauselli Salter on May 8, 2014 at 10:31am

Our last session was very productive and it felt great to be back on track.  Unfortunately we experienced some delays due to lack of supply teachers, but getting a full day to work on our project without interuptions was wonderful!  I'm greatful to be working with such a creative and ambitious group of ladies.  Sharing about our accountable talk experiences in the classroom was valuable; and it lead to new ideas that we would like to try in the classroom with our students.  I'm impressed with Erin's drive and creativity to embark on creating an app for our project!  And, thank goodness for Kim and her organizational skills - she's doing an amazing job of keeping us on track.  Looking forward to our next session and getting closer to our end goals.


Comment by Erin Briska on May 1, 2014 at 11:07am
Yesterday was a great day! Our tlcp team is amazing. We compiled our information and strategies. We discussed strengths and challenges. And also done funny stories from our experiences through out the project. We decided to put a twist on our handout booklet that we were going to create. Along with the flip guide we will also be creating a web based app using appshed. It is very exciting! Appshed is an educational resource for teChers to use with students. There Are school accounts that can be bought that allow you to monitor progress. Much like how bitstripedforschools works. But you can also use this program to create free web based apps. We discovered the program while trying to figure out how to make apps. It's been quite enlightening. We are looking forward to our final meeting days to produce our final flip book and app.
Comment by Kim Savoie on April 30, 2014 at 4:41pm

Wow, today was an exciting day! Our team is working on compiling our findings. We sat down together and shared all the strategies that we have tried in our classrooms and discussed strengths, challenges, and future suggestions.

It was wonderful to see the student responses to each strategy. One of the things I really found interesting was when I thought a strategy worked well and all students were engaged only to find out that students did not like the strategy. Was it because it made them more accountable? So, at times my rating of a strategy differs from student rating.  I think it comes down to what I look for in a strategy and what the students look for in a strategy. My focus is on student accountability and the student focus is more on student fun! I think in the end the best strategies are the ones that not only to teachers rate highly, but students also rate highly.  This does not mean to only do those strategies... you must venture out and find the right strategy that fits the right situation.

I think everyone in our group is SUPER excited with how we have decided to share our findings. Our original plan was to create a flip-book type  resource outlining the strategies that we tried and their pros/cons and suggested usage. This has now changed to the actual creation of an App to share our compilation of strategies. We are venturing out and exploring the world of technology. 

This project overall has led me to explore more uses of technology. I have become more familiar with google docs, as this is what we are using to record a running agenda/log as well as our budget. I have also explored the world of online surveys - Man that was a huge door to open and with more practice I am sure to get better. And now we are opening the door on App creation. It is cool! It is so cool that we are now planning on bringing it back into our classrooms and having our students create an App.  

This project has opened my eyes to many things beyond the initial focus of accountable talk strategies.  I think one of the biggest gain through the project is the strength we have built as a division. We are united within our division and have created a climate where sharing and having an open classroom door is a norm.  We are working together and sharing our individual strengths to better meet the needs of our students!

I think we all feel that today was an amazing day! Yippee!

Comment by Erin Briska on March 31, 2014 at 4:12pm

It was a productive day! And much appreciated considering all of our unanticipated delays. Kim worked hard going over our budget, ensuring everything added up and that we were on track. We have our final meeting days scheduled and money accounted for. Michela went through our timeline and added in tasks we completed before and added in our next goals and plans for our timetable. Manuela worked hard going through our survey data, compiling information and looking for trends, she was very busy! I worked through our teacher reflections and put together resource books for each of our team members. We also founs time to make a thumbs up and down anchor chart for stuednts to assess and rate each strategy we try. We were also able to make a few accountable talk successcriteria for our classrooms. Its hard to believe our project is nearing its end! we have worked hard to get where we are and will continue to keep up this pace. What an adventure!

Comment by Kim Savoie on March 31, 2014 at 11:10am

We are meeting again today! Wow, it has been awhile since we have had the opportunity to get together. Report cards and March Break played a factor in finding time to meet, but our biggest challenge is finding supply teachers within our area to support our release days. After two meeting days being cancelled due to lack of supply teachers we are meeting together today to reassess where we are on our time line and where we need to go next. One of the key parts of our project plan was the chance to co-plan, co-teach, and discuss strategies within our division.  Unfortunately, we have not had the chance to get into each others classrooms as much as we had planned. Although our plan looked good on paper, when we jumped in to the project we quickly found that our release days were eaten up planning and discussing how we will implement the project in the classroom.  It is wonderful sharing our planning together! I enjoy the opportunity to share, discuss and align strategies and challenges taking place in each of the intermediate classrooms in our school. 

Comment by Kim Savoie on March 31, 2014 at 11:02am

Well, we met again in January and reviewed all the data from our student survey. Boy, was it a lot of numbers to go through. We used Google Surveys to do our survey and as this was our first time using it we learned a lot. Not only about what students know and understand about effective communication strategies, but also the challenges and quarks of using a survey program.  We wanted to do a digital survey to cut back on the time required to analyze and compile data. This did not happen for us. We ended up using our whole half day of release compiling and analyzing data.  I think that with practice Google Survey will be an effective tool to use, we just need that practice. A positive outcome of this project is having the time to explore new tools such as Google Docs and Google Survey.

Comment by Erin Briska on December 9, 2013 at 4:13pm

Today was a productive afternoon! Welcome Manuela, who is just back from leave and a new member that we are excited to bring on our adventure :). We were able to work together to create a student suvey using google forms. What an interesting and useful tool! We had to time to explore some of the many possibilites that google docs has to offer. The student survey is a varitey of questions (located on our google doc) that will help us teachers pin point the needs and areas to focus on for student learning. By using google forms, we will have a holistic overview of the students feelings and views on accountable talk. We were also able to create templates for the teachers to use when trying out different strategies. We are very interested in including student voice. we created a student survey as well, for students to give their imput into the strategies being used. we also spent time thinking about our project 'end'. We will have all day thrusday to get some finalizing touches and planning complete. With the amount of obstacles we faced getting our project fully started, we will finally be closer to being on track as planned origanally. A great day!


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