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Secondment Opportunity - Aga Khan Academy

This exciting new opportunity to teach abroad is part of a unique secondment program being offered jointly by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Aga Khan Academies network of schools.

Attached is an overview of the positions and application process.

Application deadline is February 13, 2017…


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Zone-création et codage en action!

Lors de la journée pédagogique du 26 septembre dernier, l’équipe du projet PALPE a introduit des composantes de notre projet, soit la zone-création et le codage par l’entremise de diverses activités. Nous avons fait vivre des expériences concrètes aux membres du personnel telles que des défis créations suite à la lecture d’une histoire et des défis Lego. Chacune des classes a reçu une boîte de création remplie de divers matériaux. Du temps a été alloué afin que chaque…


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Robotique en action

Robotique en action! Dans notre projet «Codage - Robotique - Maker….la pensée critique au quotidien de la maternelle à la 8e année» nous en sommes à nous pencher sur l’aspect robotique. Il est à noter que nous nous sommes d’abord attardés sur la zone-création (maker) et ensuite sur le codage pour maintenant en arriver à la robotique. Nous avons choisi de travailler avec les robots Blue-Bot, WeDo 2.0 et EV3. Voici les étapes que nous avons suivies: Une formation de base pour l’équipe PALPE…


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Successful Paint Days at Artistscape (Documented by the London Free Press)

On November 8th and 9th, over 165 students from The London District Catholic School Board attended Artistscape (a local art studio) to paint ceramic forms. Our young artists had opportunities to build positive rapports with students from other schools and spent the afternoon creating lovely masterpieces that will be auctioned off on May 2nd, at Mother Teresa Catholic Seconday High School. Additionally, a representative from the London Free Press dropped into the studio on Tuesday the 8th and… Continue

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Art Making and Stress Reduction - Article (Psychology Today)

A recent 2016 article written by Cathy Malchiodi, PhD entitled Art Making and Stress Reduction, reviews a recently published study (Kaimal, Ray & Muniz, 2016) suggesting that art making reduces cortisol levels. After discussing the article with colleagues who teach visual arts and through our personal observations and experiences, we agreed that the practice of art-making is truly beneficial to our students and their well being.

As art teachers, can you comment on your own… Continue

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Back at it!

Well, with the TLLP Conference coming up in November, the team is taking another crack at tackling some of our original goals!  I'll be visiting Sir Winston Churchill a couple of times this month to work with the Special Class Teacher and HPE teacher and of course the kids!  Wish us luck!

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Back to School and Back to Blogging.

It was great to get together again today to get geared up and inspired for a new year of blogging and learning. It was great to collaborate about math ideas and to learn about the Digital Human Library. We also set up some partnerships with same grade classes to read and comment on each other's blogs. We are planning to compare data and interact back and forth.

Another great day of learning!

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Mental Health TLLP Project Blog

Our journey through our project is captured through the posts of our blog.  The final product is also available through our blog.

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Phonological Awareness and Reading Fluency RESULTS!

We have been working hard on using our best practices and resources as outlines in our TLLP project. Check out our results from September - February - June! Our students and our methods of teaching them phonological awareness have come so far.…


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Faith & Inquiry: A Match Made in Heaven

We invite you to check out our TLLP journey on our blog The SS-TLLP.  There you will find candid reflections, resource reviews as well as links to resources.

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Faith & Inquiry: A Match Made in Heaven


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EdCamp Inspired PD - How we shared our learning with our board

Just added another post to my blog re: how EdCamp inspired the way we shared what we had learned through TLLP with our board!  Check it out at the link below. ;

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We have a blog!

The TLLP team has been working on a blog to report all of our experiences related to our Flipped Learning Through Technology, to improve both parent engagement and student success.

Lots of pictures of our progress!

Please see below for the link:

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Ten Things I Learned From My TLLP

Personal Reflections on My Experience

by Michael Frey

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enlightened from Congress 2016

I have just returned from Congress 2016 – an Arts and Humanities Conference which took place in Calgary. I had the benefit of attending several presentations and workshops, as well as a chance to present my own action research (based on our TLLP project and previous publication in an academic journal).…


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What's the Greatest Edtech Tool?

For a little over 14 months, I've spent more time than I'd like to admit scouring the internet (with a heavy focus on twitter) looking for great edtech ideas and tools. I've been reading articles from well-known and followed 'gurus' and many lesser-known yet often equally insightful educators. I've learned a lot; through my TLLP I've been given the chance to lead a team of educators who are willing to take risks and who are comfortable trying approaches where success isn't guaranteed. Though…


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Our Tackk for our TLLP2015

Hi's 'an almost at the end' update of what we've been doing in our TLLP. Any and all comments are welcome and I will also post on TeachOntario...


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