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Ça avance...

Nous avons eu une bonne rencontre aujourd'hui. Nous avons partagé différentes preuves d'apprentissage que nous prises de nos élèves. Nous aimons beaucoup filmer, utiliser Showme, Explain everything, capteur de moment. Nous travaillons encore pour trouver d'autres applications qui peuvent nous aider .

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Money Math


I put up a new post on my blog about pbl money math in my 3/4 classroom.  Lots of fun with open ended questions.  The TLLP is taking shape and teaching me a lot.  Check it out.

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Thinking about administration...



To make the change to administration or not?  And when?  These are questions I have been pondering lately as I have been asked to consider starting the VP application process.
I am in a waffling phase at the moment and am spending a lot of time thinking about out what I…

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Teacher and Student Surveys

Here are the links to the surveys we administered to teachers and students participating in our project BEFORE delivering the PD and creating identity texts:

Student Survey

Student Results (George Webster ES…


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Sharing our Learning at the TCDSB - It Starts in the Schools

Hi Everyone,

This past January our TLLP group`s work was featured in the board newsletter It Starts in the Schools. This a newsletter that is shared electronically with teachers across the school board and it highlights our work on this TLLP, as well, it includes our website, which we are continually updating with resources. Our group is featured on page 10 of the article.



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iPads in the Math and Science Classroom - our group website

We have been implementing our TLLP project - iPads in the Math and Science Classroom - since September in our gr. 9 and 10 enriched math and science courses.  We have set up a website to chronicle our experiences.  The site includes an overview of our project; the deployment experience; a semi-regular blog of our joys and frustrations; reviews of APPS we've used and samples of student work.  The site is still a work-in-progress, but we thought we would share the link with the TLLP group at…


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Semester Reflection

Hello Everyone,

My name is Beverly Woodfine.  I work as a Special Education and English teacher in Newmarket.  I am part of a team of 4 working on a project focused on developing student’s collaboration with each other through the use of multimedia tools.  We are currently running this project through our 11U English course.  So far, the experience has been a positive one.  Working with my team and support from our administration has been great!

 As we approach the end of the…


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Planning Sessions

Our TLLP group has met during 1/2 day release times twice now. We decided on 10 teachers (Grades 3, 4, and 5) from my current school (George Webster) and 10 from my former school (Parkdale). In December we had our second session and met to plan our identity texts and train staff PLUS identified "at-risk" students (in each participating class) in the technology needed to create the books (Blogger and Blurb). 

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School Board Throws a wrench in TLLP ... What now?

Virtually Growing Student Success





The goal(s) of our TLLP

1.)   Integrate technology with our curriculum by helping teachers to become more familiar with some of the technology available to them.

2.)   Increase parental involvement in their child’s learning through the use of a Learning Management System.

3.)   Improve student…


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January Mentoring Moments / Le numéro de janvier de L’instant du mentorat

Mentoring our Mentors / Mentorer les mentors…


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Quiz on Organs, Organ Systems, and Homeostasis Review using Socrative

Socrative is a student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.”  This is the message that greets teachers when they look…

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Quick Links / Liens Rapides

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