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Chromebooks in the FSL classroom.

One of the teaching challenges of FSL is the cart.  Going into a new classroom every 40 minutes and setting up a new French learning environment each day can be exhausting.  Last year I would use the coat hanger method to drag my anchor charts around and most teachers give me space in their classrooms to hang up the anchor charts. However, there was always the time when the anchor chart that we needed was not in the classroom.  Through the use of Google Sites, Google Classroom and…


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Technology Enhanced Assessment in the Primary Classroom

Using Pic Collage to Support AFL

In the FDK class, we are continuing to use technology to support student reflection, sharing of student learning and as a way to celebrate success.

Using the Pic Collage App, we have been making learning collages with photos the day's learning. We use simple sentences to describe the learning.

These collages can then be printed out to post in class or be sent home with the students. The collages can also be viewed on the…


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Teaching and Learning Partners with Technology

Our TLLP is in full swing and collaboration is happening both in our school and in our partner school. We have our technology installed and have worked out many "hicups" as we like to call them in getting everything in place so that our project sharing can begin. We have had fabulous sessions with team teaching in the classroom where not only are the students learning something new but the teachers are collaborating and learning from not only each other but the kids who show no fear in picking… Continue

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An introduction to Inspiring Spaces for Young Children

This is an introductory video on one of the resources we have been using to create meaningful and natural classrooms that inspire curiosity and provocation in our students. …


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Expanding our "Bag of Tricks"

Up until this point, we have been using the Keymath for pre and post testing, which is working well. We have also been using the Essential Resources as our main intervention tool. We have been revisiting the Guide to Effective Instruction with our current focus of teaching children with profound mathematics challenges. The students are doing well and seem really eager to participate in the groups. I've been struggling with how to have them retain their new found understanding of numeracy.…


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Hanen Learning Language and Loving It

This TLLP has provided me with some of the best PD I've received in 14 years of teaching. The Hanen resource is fantastic and so user friendly. The strategies to promote language development in the Early Years support the range of students we have in our classrooms. Being videotaped as I converse with my students has challenged me to move outside of my comfort zone. The video sessions are really the best way to determine how well I am applying specific strategies. The most profound change I… Continue

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Pathways to College - Focus on Math

Our research into Math Skills Needed for Success in College Programs is coming to the time of celebration - of sharing! Our research group will be hosting a Forum - Pathways to College - Focus on Math in April. To see some of our research check out our website.  

https://sites.google.com/site/workplacehsmath2college/home ;…


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Learning Lanaguage and Loving it Hanen Certification aquired

The teams had some significant changes since we began in September. Teaching teams had reassignments, changed schools and some have left their positions. With challenges of redistributing our time and covering northern distances we have accomplished our first goal.

Our main effort/goal has been to have the teams (ECE and kindergarten teachers) certified with Learning Language and Loving It™ Hanen Program ® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers  …


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New Year, New Adventures

Here we are closing the end of term one.  Although my timelines are not as fluid as I had hoped when I was creating them, things are happening.  I am looking at a half day release tomorrow to launch The 6 Minute Solution in another classroom.  Here is the agenda, I will post insights to the meeting later.  

Building Bridges

Meeting 4, January 26, 2015 12:00 pm


What is Fluency? Why is it important? How is is currently being used in our…


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Planning Our Inquiry Unit (Addendum)

We also wanted to mention that we met with our board math consultant yesterday for an hour.  She suggested a number of websites to find multiplication and division games.  We plan to use a number of these in our unit.  

In addition to the inquiry problem we created, we have decided to include some practice recalling multiplication and division facts.  This is consistent with the new curriculum expectations in Alberta where students are expected to recall as well as have a deeper…


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Planning Our Inquiry Math Unit

Our TLLP team met yesterday (January 21, 2105) to begin planning our Grade 3 Multiplication/Division inquiry unit.  We consolidated our resources and past experiences with this unit.  We examined parts of the "Muffles Truffles" unit from Catherine Twomey Fosnot et al and adapted it for our students.  We created a more authentic problem involving a school book fair and packaging erasers.  We were able to plan the first 9 lessons of this unit.  Many of our lessons involve a problem to solve…


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Reading For the Love Of It Language Arts Conference, 2015

Visit www.readingfortheloveofit.com to view the Programme and register for an amazing opportunity for professional learning at RLI in it's 39th year. An array of dynamic speakers and celebrated authors will be presenting, including Dennis Lee, Eric Walters, Sue Jackson, Miriam Trehearne Kathy Lundy and Heidi Hayes Jacobs to name a few. The conference focuses on Language Arts but within that, topics such as critical thinking, drama, media…


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Witnessing rich language through story recall

We are fortunate to have a fifth-year Concurrent Ed. student join us this week on her Alternative Placement.  We gave her a snapshot of our TLLP and asked her to do some individual documentation on the iPad and observation notes with our selected students.  The story she is reading to them is “The Mitten” by Jan Brett and each student is asked to retell the story using manipulatives.  We’re hoping that these retelling activities will enhance the students’…


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Documentation in Kindergarten

We have started setting up OneNote books that are shared between the teacher, ECE, and SST for documentation and assessment purposes. A separate notebook is being created for day plans so that all team members can contribute to planning. This is a live document and we can all edit it.

The idea of creating separate notebooks for JK and SK has come up so that we can continue the documentation of this year's JKs as they become next years SKs. The SK book can then be shared with the grade one… Continue

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TLLP Learning & Sharing in September and Semester Start-Up 2014


The first semester of the school year has been an enriched learning experience for our TLLP team. We have been using Google Apps For Education on a daily basis for content creation, team organization and communication, learning and sharing new skills and knowledge with colleagues and students and it is safe to say that use of this technology has become part of daily routine.

September 6: We sent email to staff…


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Learning Stories

Further to our post earlier-in our board we use learning stories as a common form of documentation.  We have attached an example of one of our stories.

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Our TLLP experience so far.....

Our project 'Math Throughout the Day in FDK' has been progressing well.  We have been spending our time together researching current practices and thinking related to Math within Full Day inquiry, play-based learning.  We have also been looking at various forms of documenting student learning and the characteristics, strengths and draw-backs of each form (i.e.. video, anecdotal, photo, learning stories, etc.).  To this point most of our time has been spent researching, reflecting and…


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Notre apprentissage et expérience; mise à jour.

Pour ce poste en blogue, je désire partager notre cheminement de développement de la technologie pour notre projet.  Nous avons débuté notre projet en faisant une demande de développement d’une application pour l’école où les élèves pourront aller chercher des informations au sujet de l’école mais plus particulièrement, développer un outil qui pourrait aussi faciliter la dénonciation de l’intimidation de la part de nos élèves.  Notre “APP”, ce qui représente aussi les mots:…


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Learning and Leading

Our TLLP project has some exciting events coming up!  In January, we are working on a 1:1 teacher and tech coach working sessions along with a co-plan/co-teach and co-reflect session that will involve 3 classroom.  The same idea is booked for February and March to really help build capacity within the school.  I am looking forward to posting picture and reflections from this learning opportunity! 

We are harnessing student knowledge and having them become the experts to teach other…


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Project Update

Our TLLP journey has been filled with many challenges thus far.  Our project revolves around the use of a software program designed to assist teachers with programming for students with Autism and other developmental disorders who are not able to access the Ontario curriculum.  Once the student's individual curriculum has been built, EAs use iPad minis to read notes and instructions on how to teach the skills and take trial by trial data on the student's learning.   As such, our project…


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