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Apps - Mental Health & Deaf Youths

My project partner and I purchased 4 iPads for our mental health project on gaming activites. Today, we will look into mental health apps geared for Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth. If you know of any great apps on mental health, please let me know.

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Documenting Student Learning and Thinking

Our group met today. We were introduced to a new app. It is called "Audio Note". With this app, you can record student voices as well as type names of who is speaking, or any notes you may want to keep. Afterward, you can click on the various notes and it will playback the audio. It is very easy.. and can be uploaded to your computer and later filed. Super resource!! We are going to try this out in our classrooms!

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Progress on our TLLP - Interdisciplinary vs. Subject-Specific

Our core TLLP group is interdisciplinary, and this has been great to encourage us to focus on the instructional strategies instead of the specific tools and content. Our original plan for TLLP was to focus on descriptive feedback and differentiated instruction through BYOD as we prepare for next fall when all of our grade 9's will be bringing in laptops or tablets with keyboards. 

This year has been quite a ride. Its very difficult at some times to differentiate what is work of the…


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Preparing for a conference presentation

Our Osprey school TLLP group (Melissa, Brad, Ryan and I) plus Liz and Jackie from this year's TLLP/PKE project (BARN) are preparing to present a paper we co-authored at a conference next week.  The biannual conference run by the Ontario Teacher's Federation (OTF) and the Ontario Association for Deans in Education (OADE) is entitled, "Creating Circles of Hope in Teacher Education."  We are hoping to have a condensed version of the paper accepted for publication in the conference ebook and,…


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5 au quotidien/daily 5

Bonjour chers membres du blog!

Nous sommes à la recherche d'enseignants ou d'enseignantes qui utilisent les 5 au quotidien et la méthode CAFÉ dans leur salle de classe. Nous cherchons aussi des gens qui font les 3 au quotidien en mathématiques. Si vous êtes une de ces personnes, accepteriez-vous de nous recevoir pour une visite?

We are looking for teacher who use the daily five/café method in their classroom.  We are also looking for teachers who use the math daily 3.…


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Les défis du projet PALPE

Le projet PALPE, tout un défi pour nous cette année! Quand on a fait la demande, nous étions dans la même école en quatrième année. Cette année, dans deux écoles différentes, Mélanie en 3è et moi en 6è nous avons eu du mal à se retrouver!


On est toujours à la recherche de perfectionnement professionnel, mais plusieurs personnes viennent à nous pour observer le fonctionnement de nos classes.

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Collaboration Board to Board


Our board to board collaboration day was a total success.  I wrote a post about it on my math blog.  "In the Spirit of Collaboration"  check it out.

Thanks so much to the team from P.L. Robertson who came down from the Halton board to visit us here at Hespeler P.S. in the Waterloo board.  Most fantastic day of learning!

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Networking board to board!

I am excited to prepare for our second networking day tomorrow with teachers from Halton.  Board to board collaboration has been a unique experience that would not have happened without the TLLP. 

Tomorrow it is my team's chance to host.  We will all be running a relaxed CILM process in two of our classrooms.  We are all looking forward to the opportunity to work together with new minds to collaborate.  Last time we were together it was great to talk talk talk about teaching math and…


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Partage Smart (obstacle)

Chère communauté virtuelle,

malgré le rush incroyable des bulletins, nous avons réussi de prendre une journée pour avancer dans nos démarches pour notre projet. Ces journées sont précieuses pour nous permettre de faire le point et de revoir nos priorités et nos objectifs.…


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February Mentoring Moments / Le numéro de février de L’instant du mentorat

NTIP Networked Learning / Apprentissage en réseau du PIPNPE


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Sharing our Learning

It is hard to believe that we are at this point already with our TLLP.  While we feel as though we have so much more learning to do, we have learned too much to not share right now with our colleagues. 

On Tuesday, January 28th Brianne and I hosted an in-service session at our school.  In attendance were two gentlemen who have really assisted us with our learning – Doug Davey and Gary Martin.  Doug and Gary are both from Misiway in Timmins.  Through our interactions with…


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