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Nous sommes à la recherche de ressources pour le cours d'études sociales de la 4e à la 6e. Nous cherchons des textes pour nos différents niveaux de lecture. Si vous avez des suggestions stp les partager.


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Physical Literacy - What is it?

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This journey continues to be inspirational as I am continually finding new resources and implementing new strategies to better improve my teaching practice. Still uncertain of what Physical Literacy is well...…


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Implementing LTAD Physical Literacy Strategies

Our team has recently returned from the Canadian Sport 4 Life Conference and began to look at assessment practices in Physical Education classes. It is clear that physical literacy must begin at the earliest stages of child development. By using the LTAD model our kids will get there.

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Inspiration and the Creative Process


I haven't blogged lately because we just finished up with exams and I switched schools for Semester 2. I am excited to work with a new family of schools and a new set of elementary teachers. 

One thing I've been working on is organizing and sorting my inspiration boards on Pinterest. Pinterest has been a great resource for me to find some excellent ideas on Elementary music. 

To follow my boards click here: …


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Hanen: The Challenge of Matching Teaching Styles/ with Student Language Needs

I think one of my big "aha" moments when participating in Hanen training was when I was given names that helped me define the different roles we play when interacting with children. (For example, sometimes we take on a "director" role in which we try to maintain control over what children are doing, but when we take on a "helper" role we often don't give a child a chance to express themselves. etc.) I found that taking the time to think about these roles we play throughout the day and how it is… Continue

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Poetry helpd us reflect on our work with kindergarten students developing oral language

The TLLP project contributes to student learning and achievement with the recognition that the child, who arrives without solid foundational oral language, will struggle. The delay in language coupled with shallow vocabulary will have a negative impact on student’s first school experience and more alarming a negative impact on student achievement for years to come. This population will struggle to make requests, follow instructions, develop social skills, as well as literacy skills. Our…


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Blended Inquiry and Problem Based Learning

Our group of nine teachers has been working on setting up both the mobile technology and the collaborative inquiry stance in our teaching. The group worked together to map out the teacher skills and resources necessary to carry out the inquiry project, work through a book study together and put together lesson study teams.

The next next step in our progress is to complete the learning/teaching lessons study cycles that will allow us to put our newfound knowledge and skills into place… Continue

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