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Learning Centres... in action

Our learning centres are in full swing and we are collecting data on students' level of interest and language acquisition, as well as the make-up of the centres themselves. It took a while for us to get all the technology together (approval, ordering, etc.), but it's all come together now. Our centres integrate Ipads, Chromebooks, games and reading material, which will target the four areas of language learning (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking). Photos to…


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Learning Stations Dry Run

First try at learning stations was interesting. The interesting part was that the low-tech stations. Was it because the topics happened to be better at encouraging meaningful discussions en français? Was the use of technology such as iPads in a station to tempting for distractions? Is there some other explanation? We'll have to see what the other attempts have to show.

Creating learning stations certainly is a lot of work. Creating/finding proper resources for the 15 minute stations… Continue

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Properties of Water

Surface tension, cohesion, adhesion, capillary action ---students came up with these terms after conducting an inquiry based activity where they discovered the magic of water.

Balance a paper clip on the surface of the water. It was interesting to see that the students started with half filled beaker. All they were told is to balance one clip without tampering with it. After multiple attempts, they discovered that the beaker has to be completely full. It then became a challenge. How…


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Science Quest - An Inquiry Approach

An inquiry activity to understand and define flow rate and viscosity of fluids and to explore how varying temperature affects the viscosity of fluids. Students watch a volcano eruption video and write their observations and then test their observations using the fluids provided at various temperature.

Students testing flow rate of various fluids:…


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Sharing our Learning - PD session at our school!

On Friday February 14th 2014, our team shared our TLLP learning with staff at our school as part of the PD activities. Our presentation provided an overview of our learning about the SAMR model and some specific apps and activities we`ve explored in French and Science. Attached is a link to our website where our presentation is available for download.…


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Kim's Awesome notes on our Professional Reading Discussion Yesterday

When we did our literacy survey we chose a number of varied and intense books on our topic. The readings and discussions have been very professionally rewarding.  14 books were read in careful detail.  Here is a taste of some of a few of them:

A World Class Education        -by Vivien Stewart

- High standards –measured through (standardized) testing; accountability; cultural expectation –Singapore, Finland, China

- Detailed curriculum –Alberta Science 73 pages vs…


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Art of Teaching Writing Lucy Calkins

I'm in the process of reading the Art of teaching Writing by Lucy Calkin. She discusses finding inspiration from things in daily life and encouraging students to keep a notebook for recording these inspirations to use later in writing. As an Intermediate teacher, my thoughts are that students would be more receptive to using their personal electronics (Ipods, phones) for keeping this list of inspirations. I would incorporate accountability into the routine by having gallery sharing days when…


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Highlights from our Professional Readings

Here is a compilation of some thoughts and ideas shared at our meeting yesterday after completing our professional literature review.  I've included the book titles and author names in case you see something that you'd like to investigate further.  :)

A World Class Education        -by Vivien Stewart

- High standards –measured through (standardized) testing; accountability; cultural expectation –Singapore, Finland, China

- Detailed curriculum –Alberta…


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Why choose to develop lessons for the MAT2L not MFM2P?

The curriculum of the grade 10 Locally Developed Math course matches well with the math skills required for success in many Apprenticeship and Trade programs.  The curriculum of the grade 10 Applied Math course focuses more on concepts such as linear and quadratic relations.  In our discussions with college professors, there has not been any mention about linear and quadratic concepts.

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Necessary Math Skills for Success in Apprenticeship and Trade Programs

We had conversations with Professors from three Colleges:

  • Algonquin College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Guelph University - Kemptville Campus

The programs we spoke to were:

  • Algonquin:  Automotives, HVAC, Carpentry, Plumbing, Motive Power
  • St. Lawrence College:  Math Professors of the Apprenticeship and Trade programs
  • Kemptville:  Horticulture, HVAC, Oil Burner Technician

The following are necessary math skills…


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Finished Identity Texts

The creative part of our project is wrapping up: creating our identity texts. I will be posting all of the finished books that have been converted to PDFs as well. 

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March Mentoring Moments / Le numéro de mars de L’instant du mentorat

Measuring the Impact of NTIP / Mesurer l'incidence du PIPNPE…


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Quick Links / Liens Rapides

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