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What makes a classroom feel caring?

That is the question on numerous graffiti boards in our school right now!  Students are anonymously sharing their ideas of what makes them feel cared for and safe in school.  


Think about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs... how would you describe the pyramid up below self actualization?  My team feels that you can describe it as safe and cared for!

If we can provide that for each individual we can radically and positively impact their learning!

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Moving ahead with Technology in Kindergarten

Interest from our workshop on integrating technology in Kindergarten has led us to sponsor 4 teachers from different schools to be released for a 1/2 day to continue the learning. We will look at researching applications that fit in with our learning goals, platforms for documentation and assessment (e-portfolio) and creating learning tasks that could be used in classrooms or at home (as part of our focus is connecting home to school). Teachers are so excited to have release time for this… Continue

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Blended Inquiry and Problem Based Learning

The year is flying by and our team has been working collaboratively, yet independently in smaller pair based teams on Inquiry Lesson Study over the past 6 weeks. Each team is bringing their learning to the table in our final full team meeting tomorrow (March 30th).

Since our last post, we had the amazing opportunity to share our project and our learning at Reading for the Love of It in Toronto in February, at the STEAM conference in March and we will also be sharing at the ETFO ICT…


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How using group roles makes students more accountable

After attending the OAME conference which had Jo Boaler as one of their presenters, I decided to adopt her strategy of assigning specific roles when problem solving.  The jobs of Organizer, Resourcer, Understander and Includer provide opportunity for each group member to be accountable for their learning and each others.  Jo added a twist to her instructional strategy in that she could come and ask anyone in the group to explain their thinking to solve the problem.  I found…


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Impact of front loading and embedding Number Sense

The powerful impact of front loading and embedding number sense within all strands of math is evident within our math classroom. As we progress in our math program, students' ability to apply their knowledge of number sense to solve rich problems is frequently observed. The variety of strategies students are self-selecting and using to solve these problems is impressive. Students are forming connections…


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Ahhhh Moments from a gr 4 classroom

This year, I spent a lot of time exploring the relationship between the four operations Looking at the four operations simultaneously has given the students a great understanding of all the ways we can construct and deconstruct numbers. The students clearly know when to use each operation based on the information they have at hand. For example, they know they need to use multiplication as the most efficient method because there are equal…


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Using Number Talks resource to work on student's Number Sense

Number Talks - Number sense is “an awareness and understanding about what numbers are, their relationships, their magnitude, the relative effect of operating on numbers, including the use of mental mathematics and estimation.”  We have been using Number Talks in our classrooms this year to teach students strategies to help them build a better understanding of number sense. Students are learning to use numbers flexibly,…


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Sprint final...

WOW!  Quel beau travail d'équipe nous avons pu accomplir depuis janvier!  

Bons coups:-)

  • Nous avons rencontré nos suppléantes afin de réserver les dates entre janvier et juin 2015 afin de nous assurer de toujours avoir les mêmes personnes pour nous remplacer.  Ceci a grandement facilité notre travail et la perception de notre projet auprès de nos collègues.  L'idée de prendre un "BLOC" de…

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DPCDSB Digital Marketplace

On March 5th, our TLLP Team presented at this year's DPCDSB Digital Marketplace along with several other technologically innovative educators across our school board. We had two video screens showing the delegates two videos: 1) Our Project Rationale and In-Class Unit Samples and 2) SAMR and our TLLP. This Marketplace was attended by Superintendents, Principal, Teachers and IT Delegates. Below are some photos!…


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Nos élèves s'impliquent!

Pour notre projet Clique ton APP pour le climat positif, nos élèves se sont impliqués en contribuant à nos démarches.  Leur implication et enthousiasme sont visibles et les gens en prennent note.  Notre initiative et effort pour assurer un climat positif intéressent davantage les autres.  Nos élèves sont aussi autant emballés.  Nos activités scolaires en lien avec le climat positif, attirent même l'attention des autres à l'extérieur de notre école. Nos élèves sont invités à en discuter même…


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Check-in Highlights for MEAPS

Here are some quotes that students have shared regarding their experiences in the PISCES Room:

"The room lets me talk!" - Grade One Student who is usually withdrawn

"I feel safe in the room!" - Grade One Student

"I can have a JUST RIGHT day in the room. If my day starts and I'm too HIGH, the room gets me just right!" - Grade Two Student

"Can you please come and get me because it makes my day when I go into that room!" - Grade 7/8 Student

"I want to go in…


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Session II PD - Google Apps for Education (and other opportunities)

Preparing second session of TLLP/PKE Google Apps for Education PD (for tomorrow).  Have had 10-12 colleagues per session, with a full day, and five periods of directed PD. 

Excited as we consider possible opportunities to share beyond our school both in our board (YRDSB) and outside of the board, including possibly with Maureen Asselin, TLLP graduate and PKE leader.

Best parts of the PD: small group of learners, learners self-organized by perceived ability, and three…


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The Best Laid Plans...

Michael and I have been intergrating our TLLP into our teaching practice this year. It was a great deal of work intergrating it in with the existing curriculum, and training the students with the technology necessary to make it happen. 

It has lead me personally down paths I hadn't really explored as a teacher before. I was spending more time on equity and human rights, and this helped me to grow as an educator. I was suprised, and pleased by how well our students understood these…


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Increased Confidence

Students are gaining confidence in math class based on their understanding of basic math facts. They are able to look beyond the computations necessary and begin to tackle the problem from various angles. We believe this is due to increased math fact fluency using the Reglex Math App! Students are not as reluctant to voice ideas to solve the problem as they were in the past.

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Technology in Kindergarten Workshop

Our TLLP group hosted a collaborative Technology in FDK workshop for teachers in our Board.  We had a great response with 25 teachers enrolled, which was our max. capacity.  The idea of the workshop was to share some of our learning, but also to allow others to share their best practices and ideas…


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Restaurant Theme Wrap Up

As a wrap up to our Restaurant Theme students were asked to work in groups of 2-3 and create a commercial in IMovie. Together, we created a success criteria for what we would need to make a great commercial. The students felt we needed to use the characteristics of a persuasive text (statement, arguments and a close) transition words to separate the arguments and make sure to speak clearly. Once finished we had a screening party in which we watched our commercials. We…


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I was able to partake in a PD session yesterday on pedagogical assessment in a primary classroom. The main component was the implementation of assessment for and assessment as learning.  One thing that I took away was how we were being asked to document student learning. They gave us a…


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Restaurant Theme Part II

Using the restaurant theme I have been able to focus on number of curricular expectations from both the math and language documents.

In terms of language instruction we began to look at how companies used advertisements to persuade the consumer. We examined menus, poster ads and commercials online. We also visited the local Tim Horton’s and Subway restaurants to see what persuasive techniques were being used inside their establishments. During our visit we brought our IPads and took…


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Restaurant Themed Math Unit

To begin the New Year I am trying to implement a cross curricular themed unit that will tie in expectations from language and math. The basis of our learning will revolve around the creation of a functioning restaurant. In language, we are exploring the persuasive text form so we will be creating menus, poster ads and commercials convincing people to come to our restaurant. We will also be writing persuasive letters to our admin asking if we can open the restaurant and to our families and…


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