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Reflective Learning

After each of our learning visits, we ensure that we compile, consolidate and reflect upon all that we observe, experience, and learn.  

Observations from Learning Visits template:…


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Shared Insights

As part of our learning journey, we have had the opportunity to visit various learning contexts (private, public, childcare, etc.). We distributed this questionnaire at every visit to gain insight into how other educators within various contexts are engaging in pedagogical documentation. 

Collegial Questionnaire: …


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Baiboard collaborative math

For math, we occasionally work collaboratively on open ended word problems. Students work in small groups to solve the problem and then share the solutions. We tried this recently with a technology twist. We used the baiboard app on our Ipads. Baiboard is a whiteboard app that enables users to share their whiteboard with other ipads. I gave each group an ipad and set up one whiteboard for all the groups to share. The board has 10 different pages so each group had their own page to work on.…


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Math stories

Last time we met, we developed a number of lesson plans to connect literacy and math. One lesson involved introducing a new math concept through telling a story. Kathy told her class a story about a king who had to use decimals to determine which of his triplet daughters was born first. This story was an introduction to her unit on comparing and ordering decimals. I told my class a story about a girl who was stranded on an island with a mirror that reflected all numbers as their opposite…


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Engaging Students in Math with iPads

Hi Everyone!  Our project is incorporating iPad technology in the classroom to enhance the mathematics program.  When we started, we were looking for apps to compliment the specific math strand being taught.  The students really enjoyed the apps because it was like they were playing. 

Our students then registered to use emath (an online resource with their Nelson math textbook).  It has proven to be a very beneficial tool as the site has video links, EQAO type questions to go with…


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Sharing our Learning - OMLTA Conference for French teachers

Hi Everyone,

On March 28th I had the opportunity, along with my colleague Stephanie, to present our TLLP-based work at the Ontario Modern Language Teachers` Association (OMLTA) conference in Toronto. 

In our workshop presentation we shared our work in building communication and collaborative skills with our students via technology. The responses from teacher participants was very positive and the experience of sharing our work made us feel good about giving back to the teaching…


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Science Quest - An Inquiry Approach - Part II Continued

What do students think about learning science using "IBL approach"?…


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Science Quest - An Inquiry Approach - Part II Continued

 Station 4:


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Science Quest - An Inquiry Approach - Part II Continued

Station 3:


  • WRITE A SONG ON FLUIDS Student performing the…

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Science Quest - An Inquiry Approach - Part II

My second visit to three elementary school grade 8 science class(2 classes per school) was completed on April 17th. I organized a "mini science Olympiad". Four stations were setup and each challenge is based on the concept "Pressure".

Station 1:


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Teacher to teacher

Our family of schools networking opportunity was successful.  My colleague Michele summed it up well when she expressed the sentiment that teachers learn best from other teachers.

I wrote a blog about our day for anyone who is interested in what it looked like.  http://thetllpexperience.blogspot.ca

It was all math, all primary, all day and it really was a helpful, motivating time for everyone present.  Thanks to the TLLP for…


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Art Intergration for Literacy Success


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Here is our bibliography for our project, "The Skillful creation of Math Questions"

I pared it down to book title and author.

Essential Questions, Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins

Eyes on Math, Marian Small

Good Questions - Great Ways to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction, Marian Small…


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Post-Conference Buzz!

Hi everyone!

I am not sure if anyone else attended the OTRK-12 Digital Learning Conference last week, but it left us energized and excited. Our project focuses on the use of iPads in the primary classroom for mathematics devleopment. We were so excited to learn more about blended learning opportunities for younger learners. I think it might be great to use the blended learning activities for lessons to introduce the idea, but has great potential especially since our students can…


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Upcoming Networking...

This week offers up an exciting opportunity for our little team here in the WRDSB.  We have arranged a networking session with teachers from our family of schools.  On Thursday we will spend the day as a group of five elementary teachers interested in developing our own thinking skills around approaching math in the primary classroom.

In attendance will be two Grade One teachers, a Two/Three teacher, a Three teacher and a Three/Four teacher.  That last one is me.  We've written our…


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Asynchronous Presentations


Here's an asynchronous presentation (designed so that viewers can view/listen/interact whenever they have time) I just finished for a digital literacy course.  

Although we value online, real-time, collaborative opportunities, sometimes the mastery model, which relates to advanced flipped classrooms, is ideal because it allows learners to progress at their own pace.

If you open the slides to the presentation you will see that I suggest that you do the…


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Haiku Deck: Amazing Tool for Presentations

Haiku Deck is amazing for presentations at any level: elementary, secondary, or post-secondary.  It is a free (with upgrades possible for extra cost) web-based program.  

What makes it so powerful is that the quality of images is amazing, the search engine for images provides "unexpected" connections which force the audience to link concept and visual, and the options to include text LIMIT and PREVENT significant amounts of text from being included.

Some examples:…


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Co-constructing in Google Presentation

Tried an activity with both my Grade 11 and Grade 12 University English classes in 2013-14.  They read an abridged version of N. Frye's "Autumn: Tragedy" using Google Docs and analyzed a specific section for the key ideas using the COMMENT feature in small groups.  

Then they met with the "expert" in each group who had analyzed the same section.  After creating the shell of the Google presentation and sharing it with the class they each had had a single job to do.  After conferring in…


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Google Portfolio Site (to house all Google Apps for Education - GAFE)

Trying to finish this Google Site as a Digital Literacy course I'm taking comes to a close.  It is the ideal way to share and show all of the Google Apps (presentations, docs, forms, spreadsheets, etc.) our group is working with.

I've created a Google Presentation (a slideshow application which looks similar to PowerPoint, but has additional awesome features like the ability to have multiple people in the document, revision history to go back to old versions, the chat and comment…


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Mathematical Clothesline Activity - 7/8

So, this week I tried out a lesson activity that was inspired by my TLLP readings in Math Expressions by Dr. Kathy Marks Krpan. Today, when my TLLP team met, I shared about my lesson and how the clothesline activity went. Below, I have included my plan, then added in some reflections, and a little bit of the discussion that took place after, and some ideas for additions/changes that we came up with.…


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