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Connect 2 Math

As we are seeing the end of our project, we are preparing for our sharing component of the project. We have a few finalization pieces to put together prior to this happening but are on course to demonstrate the amazing strides our students have made with our Connect 2 Math journals. Within our school we have brought on two other intermediate teachers to utilize the project with their students. They have a direct line to us & has helped us focus on what to include in our other sharing… Continue

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Working on Our Unit Plan and Lesson Plans

Today (April 29), our TLLP team met to continue analyzing and summarizing our findings from implementing our inquiry unit.  We began our day with a long list of things to do, but ended up spending the entire time writing and organizing our detailed lesson plans for each lesson in the unit.  As we reflect on what we accomplished in this unit, we continue to adjust and improve the lessons as well as differentiate them further in order to accommodate the variety of learners in our classes.…


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The Continuum, a work in progress!

On Monday, I met with my counterparts again to filter and sort through our samples.  Much of the day was spent examining our rubric and then in turn sorting our level 2's into a four tiered system, and then for our three's and level 4's.

We had so much valid discussion as we saw that there was students of different grades crossing into our samples.  We had grade 4 work in level 4's, grade 6 work in level 2's and we really we able to distinguish specific elements that would help our…


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Step 2

A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks for our TLLP! The rubber has hit the road, so to speak. The first of 3 sessions was successfully completed. This consisted of groups of 4 teachers at a time attending a half-day inservice to learn about the functions of the Smartboard and its associated software. These inservices took about 2.5 days to deliver, and at the end of them we created a set of quick reference cards, laminated and on a hook, to hang beside every Smartboard in the school. This…


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Sharing the Learning - iPad technology in FDK

Today we are meeting with 5 schools to share some of the learning that we have done with iPad technology in the classroom.  These 5 representatives from the FDK teams at their school come with varying degrees of technological knowledge and efficacy.  Not only do we intend to share our TLLP learning today, but we hope to collaborate, share ideas, learn from each other, brainstorm areas of support need, and explore applications for technology use in the FDK document that are aligned with the…


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First Sharing Session!

On Wednesday, April 22nd, 8 staff members (Grades 3-8) were invited into my classroom to see how the students are using the app, Inspiration.  The class was working on a variety of writing on the iPad, including creating summaries of texts and completing a mid-year writing assessment for the project. I shared how the app works, as well as, how students’ work/work ethic has improved over the last 6 months.  The Apple TV was also demonstrated and staff members were able to circulate…


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Student Work from Our Multiplication and Division Unit

Here are some examples of student work from one of our first problems in our Multiplication and Division inquiry unit and from one of the last problems.  

Our first problem involved dividing different erasers from the Book Fair into packs of ten.

tllp eraser problem.pdf

Our last problem involved…


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Art For All at KidsAbility School - Update

As we are getting closer to the end of this school year I am starting to reflect back on the year and on our amazing students and their accomplishments.  The challenges with which our students are faced, and are steadily overcoming, are so significant, and yet every day these children arrive at school with a smile and with enthusiasm.  They are truly my…


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Building a Continuum

Last week, I met with my colleagues with over 100 writing samples from French Immersion students who followed the same English writing prompt: You wake up one morning and find that you have a super power. Describe your super power and write a narrative about the day you had your super power.

Students from grades 3 to grade 6 who were in French Immersion wrote the same prompt and as we merged with our sister school, we collected another 75 samples.  All of the…


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Things are Moving

So things have been getting better. Our last couple meetings have been very productive.

We found a great Ontario company, Bigfoot Snowshoes, to order Kindergarten sized snowshoes from.

We've decided to plan a shopping trip to Thunder Bay, to search out and stock up on Outdoor materials that will be very beneficial to our Kindergartens' outdoor experiences.

You may wonder why we need to plan a whole shopping trip. Well we all live in very small towns with pretty much no…


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Revising and Summarizing our Unit

Yesterday, our TLLP team met to summarize the inquiry unit we taught during February and March.  We went through each lesson to reflect on what worked well and what didn't work.  We revised the language of our plans to be more specific.  We reflected on how much we have learned this year in terms of using inquiry in math and creating a Comprehesive Math Program.  We realized how important the mini-lessons and games are to a balanced math program, and what a unique perspective we get from our…


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Repeated Reading; A Redundant Strategy?

One of the aspects of my TLLP is to build the fluency of our French Immersion students when they read English texts.  I found that the majority of students in Grade 3, who were receiving English Language instruction for the first time, were not able to transfer many of the decoding skills that they had learned from their French reading instruction.  Throughout the year, with explicit teaching and a balanced approach, most of these students were able to meet benchmark expectations…


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Skype in the Classroom

We have been using technology to learn about places and cultures around the world. Our first Skype was with a classroom in Kuwait.  We are still learning how to get copies of the video messages posted in our Blog, but we are including a message from the class.

Hello Issac,

Thanks for your video…


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Students learning to use OneNote

We held a technology conference for our students. A representative from Microsoft came in to do some development with the students. Students wore their conference name tags and learned about strategies for using technology to document their learning. They used the camera to take pictures of their learning,…


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iMovie - video celebrating Grade 9 success

I created this video using iMovie to celebrate the work and success of my Grade 9 French students. Using iMovie was an easy way to create a slideshow of images, to embed video, and to add music. This is a skill I have developed in this TLLP and I hope to share this learning with my students. I believe this can be used to help students develop their communication skills - this is a new kind of literacy ; a literacy of  media, images and video, but a literacy nonetheless.…


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Semester 2 Initial Technology Survey

At the beginning of semester 2, I surveyed my grade 9 Academic and Applied French classes to get a sense of where their familiarity with technology in the classroom stands, and how they feel about it.

The first question on the survey asked students to identify the apps that they are familiar with and comfortable using. From a list of 16 apps or websites, students consistently identified YouTube, Instagram, QR code scanners, Prezi, SoundCloud, iTunes, iMovie and Edmodo as being…


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CASLT/OMLTA Conference

CASLT/OMLTA Conference

A pivotal learning opportunity for me was attending and presenting at the CASTL/OMLTA Conference this past March 2015. At the CASLT/OMLTA I had the opportunity to attend workshops and talks from a variety of experts like Denis Cousineau, Angelica Galante, and Kathy Arnott. The conference afforded me opportunities to learn more about the CEFR for Languages and to make connections with how I can use technology and the arts to include a more action-oriented…


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Screencast-o-matic: The creation of student autobiographies

Screencast-o-matic: The creation of student autobiographies

Using the Screencast-o-matic App my students in grade 11 created video autobiographies in French to introduce themselves to me and to their classmates. This project allowed students to experiment with storyboarding to tell their story and to develop a script to speak about their lives. I was amazed at the diversity of stories told and at the skills students displayed in communicating their stories. I have included a few video…


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Semester 1 Final Technology Survey

During semester one, I surveyed students about the influence that their use of technology had on their overall learning in French class. Based on a survey of seven questions, I received quite a bit of positive feedback. Students responded to a question exploring what apps and technology they had used for the very first time in that semester's French class. A large proportion of the class listed SoundCloud, iMovie, Edmodo and Google Drive as resources that they used for the first time and…


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Semester 2 - Reflections from a survey in Feb 2015 with grade 10 French students

At the start of this semester in February 2015 I surveyed two of my grade 10 French classes to get an idea about what Apps they were familiar with and would be comfortable using in the class, but also to better understand where they are in their skill development and growth. In this post, I share some of the insights from my class.

From my survey I learned that overwhelmingly students were comfortable using YouTube, Edmodo and Prezi in the classroom. This is a great insight. It tells…


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