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Reaching out for Opinions with Zaption

In mid February, after watching a video called 'The Voice of the Active Learner' during a presentation from the DPCDSB technology coaches, I put together a Zaption designed to find out how educators feel about the rapidly evolving world of digital learning. I specifically wanted to get honest opinions and responses from educators about the concept of the 'digital native' and how we can improve or, at the very least, alter some of our teaching methods to support the context that today's…


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Our Second TLLP Meeting

On February 16, our TLLP team had our long-awaited second meeting. Up to this point we'd been collaborating through informal discussions and meetings, through twitter and right here, on Teach Ontario. At our second meeting, tweeting and texting wasn't going to be enough; each team member had about 15 minutes to explain how they'd effectively incorporated a digital tool into their teaching practice. Prior to team presentations, I led the group through discussion around leadership and…


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Our TLLP team is looking forward to our fourth learning and sharing session with several of the teachers at Philip Pocock  CSS in Mississauga.  The teachers will have the opportunity to review the profiles of students with ASD and discuss best practices in our learning environments.   We will have the time…


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Inquiry in a second language

So we have been working hard on our project, finding ways to implement inquiry-based learning in our Extended French as a Second Language classrooms.

This has always been a problem of practice we have encountered, and we have been delighted to have time and money to take a long hard look at what can be done to make it work. My partner and I are great believers in inquiry-based learning, and we are also passionate about helping students learn to communicate in their second language.…


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Technology in the Core French Classroom #fsl4all #TLLP

So this past weekend a few of the members of our TLLP group and I were fortunate enough to attend and present at the OMLTA conference in Toronto.  It was a great learning opportunity for all of us, and we look forward to bringing back some of the lessons learned to the rest of our group and to begin integrating some of the great things we learned into our own classrooms.  

Some of the presenters shared their slides and resources with the audience.  I really appreciated when people did…


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