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HELP-Mrs. Asselin needs a new car & fast!

My VERY Real 1st World problem: Get your students to find your next car? My students were engaged for over 3 weeks researching, preparing, writing, creating and selling me their reports. 


Due April 17!

Research and find Mrs. Asselin's new car. 

I have $10 000 dollars-that's not enough!!

What do I need to do?? HELP-It is a long walk home:(

I WOULD LIKE a Canadian…


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Well June is upon us-YIKES! As I am getting older the years seem to fly by!

Today I had the opportunity to attend and present at

Connecting With Others In a Digital World Conference-May 31, 2014. #eloGTA…


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Primary Collaborative Meeting


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Sharing of Our TLLP - Grade 10 History

Over the course of the last school year, our group has been working significantly on creating a "mini" course of study for the grade 10 applied history course.  We have designed five interactive lessons for the introduction and second unit of this course.  All of these lessons are geared specifically for the very beginning of the course and have incorporated a significant amount of Kagan cooperative learning structures; including team and community building structures.

All of our team…


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Lakehead Public School iPads for Success

Happy almost summer everyone!

I just wanted to share the learnings from a teacher that joined our iPad based TLLP second semester this year.


by Tammy Coccimiglio, Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Lakehead District School Board

Student IPADs were integrated into my classes----Grade 10 Applied Canadian History (CHC 2P1) and Grade 12 World History Since the 16th Century (CHY 4U1/4C1) this…


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Ogden Community School TLLP - May 2014 Update

Ogden Community School TLLP:

Our TLLP is focused on Understanding the Impact of Mental Wellness on the Effect of both Student Behaviour and Capacity for Learning”.

 Update - May 29, 2014 – Building a Trauma Sensitive School Culture

In our last post, we wrote about all that we had learned about chronic or episodic trauma and…


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GRR learning in Senior courses

Our TLLP team has had a productive and enjoyable year creating a more dynamic and inclusive environment in the classroom.  Students certainly seem to be more engaged, and appreciate the modelling that GRR provides while learning a new academic skill.  In terms of sharing our learning with other teachers, the most predominant feedback we have received is that, although students seem to be more engaged in the lesson, it is more time-consuming in the teaching of the lesson (i.e. requires more…


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Student voice and Sharing

Before we began any intevention on how language can be used effectively to improve learning in mathematics, it was important for us to first survey the students in our school to see what they found helps them the most. The majority of responses indicated that students find speaking about math (math talk) with another student about math concepts assists their learning. We decided to then use this simple, but useful step in math problem solving in our intervention. Sharing ideas with fellow…


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Collaborative Learning - Language for Math Learning

Our team has been working to address how the use of language in mathematics affects math learning.  Students have generated their own success criteria based on what we know about the components of effective communication in math.  This success criteria forms a guideline to assist students in math concept processing for rich tasks. 

Student-Created Success Criteria – Math Problem…


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Are You Teaching Visual Literacy?

"Visual literacy stems from the notion of images and symbols that can be read. Meaning is communicated through image more readily than print, which makesvisual literacy a powerful teaching tool." Source: Reconceptualizing Literacy,Edwards, Patricia A,  …


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How Visually Literate Are You?

“The signs are everywhere - if you can read them. The primary literacy of the 21st century will be visual: pictures, graphics, images of every kind. Engineering, architecture, computer trades, health care professions, even jobs as pedestrian as cooking fries at McDonald's (now done with sophisticated robotics) all require visual literacy. It's no longer enough to read and write. Our students must learn to process both words and pictures. They must be able to move gracefully and fluently…


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Sharing our Learning

Today my partner and I facilitated a sharing sessions with more teachers from our board.  The sharing session was a whole day session and brought them through our learning this year. 

We focussed on:

  • road blocks we experienced throughout the year
  • proven strategies to engage FNIM students in Literacy
  • trauma and PTSD
  • community partnerships which have been strengthened
  • culturally relevant resources
  • the link between the Seven…

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Experiential Learning - Follow us on Twitter as we build Trudeau Terrace!

We are documenting the building of Trudeau Terrace on Twitter and would love it if you would follow us at hashtag @PETHSBUILD.

It is so exciting to see our students' work of the past year in developing ideas, surveying of community, planning, drawing and designing culminate in the building of our gathering place which we call Trudeau Terrace. This is a magical experience for staff and students where deep learning is happening. Deep learning. The kind we will keep for our whole…


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Exciting Moments!

I have been thinking about what my next post would be about.  I've gone over and over all of my documents, made a spread sheet (because of course I am worried about my budget) and I have had a wonderful chat with my accounting secretary.

I have really wanted to begin the purchase process so that I can introduce my project to my sister school once staffing has been settled.  I decided that I would begin the requisition process for my first portion of my project: obtaining The Six…


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We had an exciting week.  We met with outside agencies to get some professional advice on how to set up our coping room.  We got some excellent advice on what sensory equipment would best suit our needs and where we should place these items to better utilize our space.  We have received several reading materials that should help us get started on planning goals for our students.  Ideally we want to look at the holistic approach and have decided to give our room a name.  Our room name will be…


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Visual Spatial Math

I have new blog posts up on my blog for anyone interested in visual spatial intelligence and math.  One is called IKEA Math and the other is Area Patterning.  The Area Patterning is about a problem posed to the class so it is an active part of our TLLP investigation in PBL Mathematics.

Thanks, and good luck to all as we finish off the year!

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TLLP Training Reflection

Attending the TLLP training May 7th to 9th was a great opportunity to connect with educators from across Ontario.  There was a lot to process over the two and a half days; new connections made, connecting in person with educators that I only 'Twitter knew,' collaborating with my team, and last but certainly not least all the new learning around how the TLLP works.  The opportunity to engage on so many different levels was both challenging and inspiring. There was a lot to digest, but if I…


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2014 TLLP Reflection: "Looks Like Tech, Feels Like People" (cross-post)

I have a Blogger blog and last week I reflected on my 2014 TLLP experience. You can read all about it by following the link.

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a-ha TLLP Moments

So we as teachers often overthink things. Well, it is 5:30 am and I am awake thinking about the TLLP budget and had an a-ha moment. 

SAMR. Substitution. Augmentation. Modification. Redefinition. This is the theoretical framework which we have applied to integrating iPads into our educational practice for this project. My a-ha moment came from discovering what truly redefines my practice. I kept thinking big picture: what instructional methodology and practices can I use…

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