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Sharing the Learning - Flipping the Classroom

We had our last meeting for the TLLP on May 13th. At this meeting, we reviewed the benefits and challenges of "Flipping" a lesson. We also created individual videos summarizing our journey. I am in the process of combining the videos and will post it on YouTube and place the links on Twitter among other social media platforms as well as this blog.

Throughout the learning, I posted a summary of each meeting on Twitter (#TLLP2014) through my @StigLib account and maintained a…


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June 2015 eUpdate


As indicated in the Ministry’s March 26 memo on EPO funding, boards will have the opportunity to combine funding from the BLDS with the PLE: Mentoring for All fund to provide support for an expanded…


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Le Laboratoire de langue - FLS

Laboratoire de langues:

Labo Practice

Labo PracTICE | Le logiciel de laboratoire de langues numérique Logiciel laboratoire de langues numérique pour l'enseignement des langues vivantes. Collège, lycée, université, centre de formation. Lire la suite...



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Online Learning in HS Chemistry Class

Entering the month of June we are excited to share some more details of our TLLP project. There are three group members in our TLLP group and two of us have been able to implement most of our plan throughout the year. One member has implemented a "flipped classroom" in his grade 11 and 12 chemistry course and another had been able to synthesis a flipped/self directed/ interactive approach in his grade 10, 11, and 12 math classes throughout the year. …


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From November to March: Lots of Learning and increasing amounts of Sharing


I have included this link to a Google Document that chronicles our activities with GAFE in our school from November 2014 - March 2015. Upon reflection, I noticed that we consistently learned new material and techniques month after month and that our sharing with colleagues increased in frequency and complexity over time.




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We surveyed our students on how they use GAFE.


Follow this link to see the Google Document that contains a report on our GAFE Student use survey.



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photos ARNA

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Sharing at the ARNA conferene

possible%20use%20PosterFinal-0_1.jpgHello Nick and the TLLP team,

The ARNA conference was an amazing experience! I admit it, I cried when Jack Whitehead of Liverpool Hope University called my colleague and I Master Teachers. We sure don't think of ourselves as that but as learners.  He knew all about…


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FDK Inquiry and chromebooks

One of the technologies we choose to use was chromebooks. 

The idea was that as we GAFE board it would be a great place to collect, store, sort and share artifacts of both student and educators learning. This has turned out to be a little harder than we thought.

The first hurdle we faced was getting these devices to work with our wireless network authentication system. At the beginning the device needed to first be logged into our wifi network, then authenticated through our…


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Inquiry In FDK

Over past few months we have been trying to get our heads around inquiry in full day kindergarten.  

On the surface it look like it means to find a topic of interest and learn about it.  We tried to use the students own interest as the starting point but found that for a more long term project you need a little more. Our classes having upwards of 30 students most days so it is quite hard to find consensus with them on ideas or topics.

What we have discovered if you have any…


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Working Hard This Week

Our TLLP team met twice this week (May 6 and May 8) to continue working on finalizing our unit plan and summary report.  We made a lot of revisions to the original unit plan after reflecting on how the lessons went and additional resources that we consulted.  We are excited to use this updated plan next year and share it with our colleagues.

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On Friday, April 24th our TLLP team had the opportunity to present at our PD Day. Along with sharing what a TLLP is, we also shared our journey and asked for feedback from the FDK teams present. We g…

On Friday, April 24th our TLLP team had the opportunity to present at our PD Day. Along with sharing what a TLLP is, we also shared our journey and asked for feedback from the FDK teams present. We gave them the following questions: What resources have you used that have been helpful? What would you find most helpful in a new resource related to math? What else do you need? What do you use most when documenting math learning? Why? What do you find most helpful for your professional learning?…


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Improving Consolidation Using Video

Inquiry Based Math

I have always appreciated the structure of the 3-part problem solving lesson, but struggled with the consolidation piece. The importance was always apparent as students would get the opportunity to share the strategies they used, as well as the strategies their peers used to solve the problem.  However, I felt that the impact was lacking.  Students generally only showed focus when it was their turn…


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OAME Conference

Some of us are attending the OAME conference in Toronto for math educators.

The first workshop on facilitating math professional development was very useful. Here's an excellent resource for math facilitators produced by the province:

Another workshop by…


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OAME Conference

More to follow....

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Mindful Seeing

What is Mindful Seeing?

Mindful seeing helps us to better observe ourselves, other people, and our surroundings to enjoy and learn from them.


•Sharpens visual observation skills.

•Helps build ability to read social cues, facial expressions, and body language.

•Builds analytical and descriptive skills.…


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TLLP Training

Working with Karen on our proposal at the TLLP training session in Toronto...we keep fluctuating between excitement and confusion.  I keep having to chant in my inner voice: "beauty out of chaos".

The sessions are good, we're just trying to iron out the details...Can't wait to come back to our team for a de-brief!

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Liste d'applications avec descriptions

Liste d'applications avec descriptions

Voici une liste d'applications que nous trouvons pertinentes. Les applications sont classées en catégories et elles sont accompagnées d'une courte description. 

J'espère que ça peut vous aider.

France et Mélanie.

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