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June is Done! Happy Canada Day!

Time flies when you are having fun aka learning!!!

September: Christmas arrived early at St. Mary Technology arrived NOW WHAT?

October: Student Success Criteria, Learning Goals & Digital Citizenship piece

November: Apple Store workshop with students, parents, ipads & imovie

"Best Teaching Day Ever" student  power writing reflections  …


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Fianl Archive and sharing? I hope not!

I have attached a powerpoint presentation about our project.  Our team worked hard to create this and we hope is encapsulates the research we did and what we learned. I hope that it generates more questions about how to combine strategies effectively.  We are keen to keep sharing for many years to come.

Thank you SO much for this incredible opportunity.

Kathy Bauman…


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Almost Done

Eureka! That's what we said when we finally got our budget to balance. We are wrapping up a flurry of activities. We hosted a family night when students were able to share their completed video games with their families. We were glad to see that we weren't the only adults who struggled with gaming. We were also invited to the board office for the National Aboriginal Day Showcase with our students to present our completed video games and share our learning. Students did a great job being…


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Final Thoughts: Assessment in Primary Math

We have wrapped up our Assessment TLLP and we feel we have learned a great deal about consistency when assessing math in the primary grades.  One of the big "a-ha" moments was when we realized how important collaboration and moderation was in both developing our assessment program and when actually determining level 3 exemplars and assessment tools.  It was through our own…


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Summarizing our TLLP Learning

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We officially wrapped up our TLLP today. It was bittersweet. As we looked back at our learning and reflected on the capacity built within our school this year we are flabbergasted. It has been an excellent year for developing a culture of learning and sharing among staff, moving forward in our learning as a group. We were able to personalize learning for all staff to…


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Getting Started

Getting Started

Developing a Framework

The Focus of our TLLP is to re-engage and sustain engagement of our students in inquiry-based numeracy problems; fostering interest and excitement which will lead to creative and critical habits of mind. The TTLP team is also investigating facets to increasenumeracy skills with our primary students.   

Our first challenge was developing a…


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Year-end reflection on the 2013/2014 TLLP

Hi everyone,

In this post I wanted to share some survey results related to our TLLP. I surveyed my students in grade 11 University French who had the opportunity to try out the activities my team and I designed using different Apps and all with the goal of promoting communication and collaboration. I have copied and pasted below some of the key learning responses that came up in student responses. Overall students seem to see value in the use of technology in the French classroom.…


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Year Long Literacy Plan

Hi everyone,

Please find attached the link for the Literacy Plan our Kinder Team developed as a portion of our TLLP. It includes Big Ideas and Catholic themes, a listing of mentor texts, the reading and writing focus for each month and also a Music and French connection.

We hope you find the plan useful! It has been a huge success for us at St. Francis of Assisi.…


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Artefact #2

Bonjour à tous,

Nous ne vous avons pas oublié, nous sommes en train de travailler le projet pour finaliser le projet smartboard. Tous les fichiers sont trop gros pour entrer dans le blogue, mais la bonne nouvelle, c'est que nous avons mis toutes nos journées thématique (Terry Fox, le drapeau Franco-ontarien, Halloween, etc) sur le réseau Smartexchange en français. Il n'y a pas tant de ressources en français, alors, je pense que notre contribution sera la bienvenue. Nous…


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Well, here we are at the end of our TLLP project. It's kind of bittersweet. I'm glad to have taken part in the project, but boy was that a lot of work keeping up with my job obligations and my TLLP responsibilities! 

This year was my first homeroom assignment (a split class of 7/8), and all of the new stuff that comes along with it (like high school transitions, class trips, graduation, etc.). While it was exhausting, it was great to be able to take time with some colleagues and have…


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iPads in the Indigenous Language Classroom (Ojibwe)

Hi TLLP teams,

Please see the blog post below from one member of Lakehead Public Schools secondary TLLP team and how she used iPads in an Ojibwe language classroom this year. This is definitely an area of growth we will be focusing on more next year!

Ipads in the Ojibwe Language Classroom

by Sheila White

This post is to celebrate the movement of my Ojibwe Language Class from IT enhancement to…


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Senior Level English AFL and iPads, Blog Post part 2...

Sorry, I ran out of room on the last post so I am continuing here....



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Senior University Level English, SAMR, AFL, and iPads in the Classroom

Hi English-oriented TLLP team members,

Please see the attached resources from a grade 12 university-level English teacher and her journey along a Ministry AFL Project and how she used iPads for assessment in her classroom. I see that I will have to add a second post as I have run out of room on this one!

TLLP Blog Post for Andrea McParland

I have had the opportunity this year to experiment with using technology in a variety of ways to…


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Combing AFL and iPads - theory into practice

Hi TLLPers!

Please see the attached blog from one member of Lakehead Public Schools Secondary TLLP team. Patricia Cibinel was working with the Ministry on an AFL project as well as our TLLP.


The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning.  It also shows a progression that adopters of educational…


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How Do You Feel About Math?

We have graphed results for our math attitude surveys, in a variety of ways.  The results of our surveys are encouraging.  We surveyed students in early September and again just recently in June.

For a look at the better graphs I created with the data, check out a new blog post at:


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Looking Ahead to 2014-2015


Looking ahead at PD for 2014-2015 @ Mulock, the 21st Century Learning (formerly Blended Learning) Committee seems to be heading toward a three-pronged strategy:

1) Continue the work with teacher-directed Challenge of Practice pd with access to release time, outside "experts", like consultants and DLRTs, and resources.

2) Offer differentiated PD during school, after school, and on PD/PA days using in-house experts

3) Introduce a "friendly"…


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Step One: Introducing Project to the Schools (June 2014)

My intent with my project is to start the process of developing music programs within the feeder schools that feed into my Secondary Music Program. 

In June, I began to introduce the project to the schools that I will be working with. It was interesting to deal with the different principals. I was met with various reactions from thanks that is exciting and then with some who felt they should have been more involved with the process. I also met some resistance due to the fact that…


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Web-Based Learning Tools


Just finished a website for Web-Based Learning Tools.  A WBLT is an online learning "module" where a specific audience can learn about a specific topic.  

I chose to create a Google Site where WBLTs can be placed.  English Skill Tutorials will be situated here for students, created by teachers, but ultimately students will create the tutorials in what they perceive as an area of need or a gap in the teaching.

In addition tutorials for the website will be created for…


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What exactly is accountability?

Today our group had our first meeting on planning an investigation on how teacher language impacts student learning and engagement.  We had incredible discussions about how language can, and probably should, introduce conflict to existing relationships.  We wondered how we might effectively monitor our own language to increase participation in both student and professional communities.

We invited an SAT teacher who introduces the philosphy of Restorative Justice to classrooms.  He…


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Inquiry in Mulock's English Dept.

Hi Caroline, 

Yes I remember chatting, and I think I have "seen" you on this Mentoring Moments Ning.  I agree that September would be the ideal time to come and chat with your school or English department or whomever to get a head start on the school year.

We are just spending our last few dollars of our TLLP (and considering applying for the next stage, a PKE).  If your group is interested than I will contact Jim Strachan and/or Nick Zacharopoulos about finding a way to fund…


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