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IMPACT OF TLLP-PKE Maureen Asselin (HCDSB) Learning and teaching in the 21st century Collaborative Inquiry


Learning and teaching in the 21st century Collaborative Inquiry

How has the 2014/15 TLLP Provincial Knowledge Exchange project impacted teaching practice and student learning in your school and/or board? How do you know?

We have added teachers from our four regions to include all teachers that are interested in digital citizenship using blended learning in their classroom. In my 2014-2015 PKE-TLLP group we focused on the following:…


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i-movie Trailers

As a cumulative activity, students created i-movie trailers to show their feelings about math and their math learning.  Enjoy a sample of some of their movies

http://bit.ly/1GO5tyY May 2015




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How to Use Explain Everything

Never used Explain Everything before follow these simple instructions to get started.....


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Explain Everything

Explain Everything was a great app for the students to use to explain their thinking, show their ideas and share their work with others.  Check out some of our junior student's journeys.....

Lattice Multiplication Strategy, January 2015


What decimals are (teaching grade 3/4s), Feb 12, 2015


Converting Measurements, March…


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Sharing the Sharing - Screenshot

The majority of our work was posted in D2L.  Since it is private to members of our group, I wasn't sure how to share it. I took a screenshot that shows the posts within each discipline of Social Sciences and Humanities. We hope that the sharing on D2L continues and that number of posts grows in the…


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Inquiry-Based Planning...Using Student Voice

During the first few days of the course, students were given a copy of the overall and specific expectations. With that information, students were asked to brainstorm questions they had about different topics within the course. Teachers then took this information and used it to guide their unit planning, incorporating these questions into lessons and activities.  This allowed student voice to be a part of the planning process, allowed students to have input into their own learning, and…


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Working on the Final Report!

June has been a busy month as our team juggled teaching, CPTs, EXAMs, final grades and finally the TLLP Final Report. We send off the report to our board contact yesterday and our team decided to compile and write a Final Report Booklet. The booklet is attached and includes a thorough summary of our TLLP:

"Developing Critical Thinking and Collaboration in the 21st Century Mathematics Classroom"

The journey was informative, eye opening,…


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TLLP - Inquiry and Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Each course in the new 9-12 Social Sciences and Humanities document features Research and Inquiry as the first strand.  Six teachers, each representing various disciplines within Social Sciences and Humanities (General Social Science, General Family Studies, Social Justice/Equity, Foods, Fashion, Parenting), met four times to share best practices and develop new assessments based on inquiry and research. Assessments included anything from formal Social Science research process work to…


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Nearing the End

We have come a long way. Students are on target for our project in math fact fluency. We have tried out many apps, but by far the best is REFLEX MATH! Students love it. Students started out, as a whole group, with 6% accuracy in their multiplication and division facts. They are now, as a class average, 71% fluent, with several students reaching 100% fact fluency. This program has been a huge hit and a huge success for student achievement. I love the way it targets individual needs and…


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Things are coming together

So the school year is almost over. Our group has been busy that last couple months.

We have gone to visit an Outdoor classroom in a fellow Northern Ontario community, Thunder Bay. The team there has created an amazing outdoor learning environment that has inspired our TLLP group. We hope some day our School Board will allow us to create an outdoor space for our school as exciting and purposeful as the one we saw at the Confederation College Child and Family Care Centre.

We have…


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TLLP - iPad integration: LD + DL = Success

We ran our TLLP proposal this year to make use of the iPad and its built-in accessibility features to improved success for all students, but particularly for students with a learning disability. Our goal was to use the iPad to provide rich learning tasks and differentiated instruction to students.

So far, the program has been a great success!

Phase 1 of the proposal ran from September through March and involved teacher development and exercises to allow teachers to become…


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Ipad apps for critical literacy

Reading Comprehension CAMP

Manufacturer:  Smarty Ears      Cost $22.99

App is used for supporting reading comprehension with primary and junior students. Effective with special needs students struggling with reading comprehension.  Collection of 50 stories with 5 levels.  Level 1 is suggested for grade 2 and level 5 would be at a grade 6 level.  App reads stories to the student with each student answering a variety of questions in a multiple choice format.  Hints can be given…


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Desman Activity

Today I was finally able to use a tool that I had been waiting to fit in at the right time. It is an app within desmos.com where students use the graphing calculator to draw an object using math equations. We have been talking about linear and quadratic relations for the last month so it fit in nicely. 

Students went to student.desmos.com and entered a code unique to my class (no registration for student necessary and it is free). From there they went through a brief…


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Logiciels pour labo de langue et centre de rédaction




À télécharger

Disponible à  l’Internet






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Bulletin électronique du PIPNPE, juin 2015


Les conseils auront la possibilité de combiner le financement de la SDLC avec les subventions AAP : Le fonds Mentorat pour tous doit fournir un soutien pour un continuum élargi…


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