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Problem Solving Posters/Affiches de resolution de problemes

As part of our project, to create students that are inform and understand that problem solving is a process. We created simple posters that you get to complete with your students as they learn about each of the processes of problem solving. We have 7 parts of the process and each have specific aspects to be added with your students. All the information tou need is in the Ministry math curriculum document on page 13.

Un des buts de notre projet etait de cree des eleves informe qui…


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Grade 7-8 (M.A.T.H.)

Our grade 7-8 teachers have not transfered the activities they did with their students into the shared files. However, I know that they worked closely with TIPS and Mathgains resources. These files are too big for me to post, but you can easily have access them through the internet.

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Junior Activities (M.A.T.H.)

Here is other activities the guys put together for all junior grades:




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Grade 5-6 activities continue (3) Treasure Hunt

Enjoy, this is really fun stuff!



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Grade 5-6 activities continue (2)

More grade 5-6 activities.




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Treasure Hunt (Math) grade 5-6

One of the groups that responded the best to our PKE were our grade 6 guys. They were the first ones to get together and create fun math activities that included all three classes. They booked the gym, made teams of 5 or 6 mixing all three class. The kids loved it and the teachers were able o see authetic learning from all their students.

Here is a good sample of what they used and created:…


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Sharing our Learning - The University of Ottawa, FSL workshop

Hello everyone,

On July 16th I presented information about the TLLP, as well as, my learning in the TLLP to FSL teachers (elementary and secondary) at the University of Ottawa as part of a FSL teachers workshop. 

In my presentation I shared information about the TLLP and spent a considerable amount of time answering questions about the TLLP program, as well as, navigating the MOE site and the online ning. I also shared the learning from my own TLLP, including sharing student…


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Grade 3-4 activities, success criteria and link

Here are some success criteria the grade 3-4 teachers have developed with the students for probability, along with a fraction link from mathresource.



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Minds On activities

Dear Colleagues in Education:


Our TLLP team has spent the last year meeting, researching about and being in-serviced on many options for creating lessons that will engage the locally developed level grade 9 and 10 learner. The following is an initial sample pack we have compiled in order to get teachers started with their courses. Our final project, which all will have access to, will include Smartboard lessons, webquests, energizers, group and community building activities,…


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2 activity for grade 2 French Immersion, # sense and numeration

Here are two activities that my partner in grade two and I did with our classes as a first go. We mixed our classes and made teams, looking at strength, weaknesses and language skills so the students would not be stumped by the math language. The students loved mixing the classes and working with new partners and the results and ideas from each groups were super.

It was a great thing to feel the excitement of the students to work with old friends.…


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Grade one math bin content/ Contenu des boites de Math 2 e annees

Afin de nous aider a developper le sens de l'utilisation des manipulatifs chez les eleves de tous les niveaux, nous avons cree des boites de math qui etaient toujours disponibles sur les tables des eleves. 

To help diffuse the stigma around the use of manipulative at all grade levels, we created math box that were always available for the students to use on their tables.

Here is two examples of the content of such boxes at the grade one and two level. 

You do not need…


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Carousel - Challenge of Practice

At our school this year every department (and some sub-groups within large departments) conducted a teacher-directed challenge of practice built around collaborative inquiry.  This "carousel of sharing" was held on the morning of Thursday, June 26th, one of two final PA/PD days to end the school year.

It was another opportunity to share some of our work with GAFE and video in our TLLP project. Every group got to share twice. Six rotations in all with about ten to twelve stations going…


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An Action - Oriented Approach to learning French

We have finally wrapped up our year of learning. Our project involved getting Gr.9 students more actively involved in learning French by making the language come more alive. We decided to focus on the theme < Magasiner > which focused on clothing and shopping. In this unit of study, we experimented with various oral activities to make the vocabulary more hands on and real life applicable. Through this project we came across some good books that were good resources like the Oxford…


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