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The Struggles to Begin

We found in our classrooms last year that students had a difficult time working collaboratively and staying on task. We felt with a rotation math program that this problem needed to be addressed. So,we have spent the month of September working on building a collaborative community within our classrooms through the implementation of some of the Tribes Learning Communities strategies as well as a team building field trip. More needs to be done with reinforcing roles/tasks within a group.

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Patterning Diagnostic Observations

Students are not understanding the problems given, they rarely have a strategy and they do not check their work once it is finished. This makes it difficult for them to accurately solve challenging problems.

Implications for Our Teaching:

  • Model 4 step problem-solving approach
  • Highlight key words
  • Modeling different strategies
  • Focus more on embedding problem-solving opportunities

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The Classroom 2030

Don't know if anyone has been watching TVO's The Agenda recently. Steve Paikin has a great series or "summit" on education in the future. His series covers many of the educational, social, and technological changes we are currently experiencing and with many TLLP projects embracing. Love it!

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Reading In Mathematics

I am currently working with a resource by Dr. Cathy Marks Krpan and I stumbled upon the reading/math chapter in a timely manner.

I was frustrated by the difference between student comprehension when working on the carpet in whole group and when working independently, or even quite frankly, in partnerships.  Why don't they understand my carefully written scenarios? I asked myself. 

In the past I have worked with younger children and many struggling readers.  It has always been a…


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Hello everyone!

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone has had a successful start-up to their TLLP Projects and school year!

My project was to help aboriginal students from remote communities integrate into a large urban area using iPad technology. Well, a change in schools and teaching timetable allows me to fulfill some but not all of the requirements. I now have a larger project team that is divided between two schools which will require some interesting management.

We are using the SAMR model…


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Collaboration is key

Met this morning with my partner to review the results of her first math question. She was frustrated with the results. In reading the question myself and thinking aloud what I thought the question was asking, we immediately discovered the wording of the question was ambiguous. We re-wrote the question and will try it again in both our classes. Learning....have someone else read your question before giving it to kids.

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The Results are in!

Last week I administered an interest survey to my entire class.  The results were very interesting:

37% of my students are self-identifying as FNIM

52% of these students have indicated that they do not enjoy school and have little interest in what they have learned or are learning in school

98% of the students have indicated that if there was more of a link to Visual Art and the outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping) they would have more interest in what they are…


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Failure Turns into Food for Thought

We started off the year with work called, "Understanding Numbers", and within this rather large umbrella of play I included some number patterning.  This week I gave my students what I originally thought was a well written math problem.  I split them into partnerships and watched them scurry off with large paper and markers to make all my TLLP dreams come true.  Failure reigned supreme.

Here's the question:

You buy a new cell phone and you get to choose your new phone…


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The survey says...

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In June we did a survey of teachers to see where we are in getting ready for students to be coming to class with their own devices.

We found out that:

  • —72% of teachers have their students using technology a couple times per week or more in class
  • —PD that teachers want includes;
    • D2L training
    • Time to learn other digital…

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Getting Started

We have now had 2 meetings with our team. It seems like the "to do" list keeps growing! Our first meeting was at the end of June when we discussed our goals and plans for TLLP and also our summer reading. Over the summer we created a Blog for our teachers, parents and students: Math Communication Blog and we will continue to add to it as we travel through our TLLP. A student survey was given out to students to see what…


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New Beginnings

The first week of the new school year is over and I am ready to really dive head in to this TLLP.  We hit our very first snag in the project. An integral member of the team is no longer with our school board.  I was very discouraged when I heard this as I was anxious and excited to work with this member. There is no time to let this get us down and we are ready to forge ahead. 

Tuesday I will be implementing the first stage with a survey to our FNIM students.  I am curious to see…


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Beginning of School thoughts on the project

"I'm finding out that there are lots of teachers who don't subscribe at all to the problem solving method for teaching Mathematics.  I've had teachers share with me that they have met staffs where the bulk of the teachers avoid complex problem solving scenarios with their students unless "someone is watching" in other words, unless they have to.  This surprised me but I also found it interesting.

Over the summer I was wondering if our project (on math problem solving and writing…


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