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Inquiry Presentation in Brantford

Took our TLLP team (2013-2014 cohort) to Brantford to meet Caroline Freibauer's TLLP team at Assumption College.  Beautiful school and library with people about to embark (in elementary and secondary) on a great project in inquiry.  Nice to see such a diverse group of teachers motivated to experiment with their practice.

Google Presentation - Inquiry-Based…


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Math Apps for basic Compuation skills

My grade partner and I are researching math apps that will focus on the basic computation skills as well as give students feedback and track their progress. So far we have found Blackboard (full version) to be one of the top user friendly and better student progressing tracking apps. We are patiently waiting for our IT department to put the apps onto our class set so we can start using them for our project!!

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Math Journals

We have started our inquiry based numeracy with math journals! Each student has been given a spiral lined paper book in our three classrooms (gr.2, gr.3 and gr.7/8). The goal we have in mind with the journals is to record their learning and questions they will have as they explore new math concepts. 

We began with decorating the covers to make each journal their own. Next, we have each given the students an opportunity to begin their journaling by modelling our expectations of what is…


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Learning Styles, Mindset, and Math

Our engaging our students through multiple intelligences (focusing on bodily/kinaesthetic, visual/spatial, and music) 75% of our targeted students will improve 2 benchmark levels.

Step One - Test for our students learning styles and number sense. Use those students who are most music, body and visual learners as our target group and the rest of the class as a control group. We will pre and post test, and hope that all students will improve in number sense and that… Continue

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The Journey Begins

Now that we are in September, our first real goal was to narrow our focus and create a SMART goal based on collected data. 

Thus, our first task was to gather data from the Grade 8 students which will focus around the use of mobile devices; how they are used, how they could be used for learning, and which tools within a eBook would be used by students.

Students were asked to complete an online survey (using Google Docs - Forms).

The results will be shared on our next…


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Welcome to Our Journey; "iBooks for Learning"

Welcome to "iBooks for Learning".

Over the next several months we are going to take a journey to explore the inner workings of "iBooks Author", and try to utilize it's tools to create interactive eBooks to enhance teacher and student learning and sharing.

Please join us as we journal our experiences, and learning.

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Getting Started

As we prepared for the upcoming school year (following the TLLP gathering in May) we were eager to put things in place to ensure a smooth beginning for the 2014-15 school year.

However, like any new project, we experienced hurdles which needed to be overcome in order to go forward.

Our original proposal for iBooks for Learning" focused on a one-to-one ratio using iPads, in order to exchange information, where both teacher and student created interactive ebooks (notebooks /…


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Starting the year...

It was a rocky summer, being surplussed from my school and thinking that I wouldn't be able to complete my project.  Nine days before the school year started, I was recalled back to my school for a full time job.  I was ecstatic.  

I started my year in wait of EQAO results, which any teacher who teaches grade 3 or 6 (regardless of philosophy) is thinking of.  My project was based on whether or not I could close the gaps and have these French Immersion students reading and writing in…


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The Community Narrative

It's two weeks into the TLLP experiment of The Community Narrative.  The board's construction crew just knocked down part of a wall opening up my classroom into this giant dynamic space that will ultimately have a SMART board at the other end with a computer lab and loads of large table workspace and floorspace, while in the front end inside the partial wall we have a small classroom space with a SMART board for lecture, tight discussion and singalong Fridays. So far things are going…


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Our First Taste of Math Problem Solving

Today, our team of teachers from Bayview Hill Elementary School in York Region District School Board visited a neighbouring school, H. G. Bernard, which has many years of experience planning and implementing inquiry through math.  We met with a grade 3 teacher there, who has been teaching this way for 7 years.  

We learned that teaching using inquiry in math is a journey where we are encouraged to change small things gradually in our planning or programmes to make it an easier…


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September Start Up

I am very excited about getting started on our project.  Our netbooks are imaged ready for delivery.  After hearing so much about the google apps available, we were hopeful we could use some of them but it turns out we won't be able to download any apps to the student imaged computers.  I will be very interested in hearing about the programs being used by other netbook users.

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After school Fall Workshops Scheduled and Set to go!

I really wanted to offer some after school PD session for all teachers in the board to get my feet wet and to give the teachers a taste of what kinds of musical activities they could do in their classroom. I contacted some of my colleagues at Nipissing University in the Music Ed. department and they also agreed to put on some workshops for teachers. Here is the schedule: …


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