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A great day with our team

Just looking back on a successful day with our TLLP team.  Glad to see our budget is still on track.  Curriculum mapping to follow, stay tuned. 

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Starting TLLP#2

Have a read about what TLLP is to me.  The post is titled, "TLLP#2 Digital Learning from the Cart."  I've posted it over on my blog page Upright and Moving

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End of October

Our group has worked very hard over the last few months and great things have been happening.  We have finished all the learning goals, success criteria, and rubrics for the differentiated learning in the first round of our Independent Reading Program. 

We have successfully integrated students from the autism and behaviour class and worked through some of the issues that have occurred.

We are planning capacity building for some of the mental health issues; and have inserviced…


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Our TLLP Progress

It has been a very interesting beginning to our project.  Being in a balanced calendar has allowed us to get a small head start, before our funding actually came in.  Our project is on implementing a school wide mathematics program.  Our hope is that teachers will learn more about problem-based learning and use it more in the classroom.

We started the process with a quick survey to see how teachers feel about problem-based learning and about their skills as math teachers.  Most felt…


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Math Blog

I have been blogging my TLLP experience in a longer format than the posts I placed here in Mentoring Moments.  The posts concern the research I have been conducting into PBL in math and some of the experiences I've had thus far.  If interested, check it out at:




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Exciting Meeting

It feels as though there have been many struggles with getting this project off the ground.  However, today a team member and I had a very exciting and promising meeting with a member of Misiway in Timmins http://www.misiway.ca/news/.  It was encouraging to meet with someone who was so open to our ideas and willing to help us get our feet planted more firmly with this project. Outcomes of this meeting included:

  • setting up a meeting with…

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Meeting #3

Our team met last week for the third time.  First we set our next meeting dates and reviewed our budget.  We have decided to wait a few more weeks (we hope!) for the new iPads to come out before making our purchase.  Meanwhile we have borrowed what we need.  

We broke down our electronic needs into four categories: Things to capture student evidence, things to gather student evidence, things to manage student evidence, and things to manage grades (and determine marks!).  We came up…


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Identity Text Project: Re-Organizing After Surplus and a Move!

So, a very weird start to our TLLP project. My grade partner and I BOTH were surplus!

In consultation with our former principal and re-submitting our proposal for approval, it was decided to share the funding between my current school (George Webster ES) and former school (Parkdale JR/SR). Instead of 20 teachers participating from one school, we now have 10 teachers from each school participating.

Communication between team members has been difficult, since we are all at…


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Et ça continue!!

Les invitations sont envoyées, mais les réponses se font attendre. Est-ce que c'est moi qui a trop hâte ou les gens sont habituellement aussi lent? Nous avions oublié de mentionner que la suppléance était payée. Cela pourrait bien en être la raison. Enfin bref, il me reste encore du temps, et beaucoup de travail, avant la première rencontre qui est le 22 nov. 

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St. Michael’s School has embraced the Daily 5/CAFÉ 


The whole concept of Daily 5/CAFÉ has been classroom changing to the teachers at St. Michael’s School. Our classrooms are set up to have inviting reading areas, and room to work. The Daily 5/CAFÉ has given us time where time did not used to be. Time to work one on one with our children, time to do the assessments that need to be done as these assessments help drive instruction, time for us to really get to know each child in our classroom, time for the children to do what is most…


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Success and failure as combined learning

"The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions." Antony Joy

Knowing failure helps me to know success. Understanding dissatisfaction helps me to understand a sense of satisfaction. The work is helping me to accept the diversity of the classroom experience and to understand the lessons inherent in everyday, including those that appear at once to be a disappointment from a professional point of view.

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Première rencontre-9 octobre

Nous avons eu notre première rencontre aujourd'hui. Nous avons travailler très fort afin d'apprivoiser un nouvel outil pour nous permettre de publier nos portfolios. Je crois que nous utiliserons weebly education. Nous avons décidé de faire un portfolio ( évaluation au service de l'apprentissage) en utilisant de preuves d'apprentissage écrite, orale et vidéo. De plus, nous avons discuter avec la conseillère pédagogique responsable des technologies du 21ème siècle de notre Conseil. Elle nous a… Continue

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Introduced Project to YCDSB Teacher-Librarians

I was able to present our project to the elementary TLs at our first Catholic Teachers Library Association general meeting this year. It was very well received and many expressed a keen interest in learning to do digital storytelling with their classroom teachers and students. In order to keep my thoughts straight, I used a mind map created with the Inspiration app on my iPad. I projected it on the Promethean Board and the presentation was done in an organized and timely manner. Love the…


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C'est parti!!

Enfin, après quelques embûches voici que notre projet démarre. En effet, J'ai quelques difficulté à recevoir un code budgétaire pour mon projet. Aussi, quelques changements de dates. Enfin bref, nous sommes sur le bon chemin. Hier, nous sommes aller acheter le bois pour le projet. 19 pmp de noyer noir, 20 pmp de merisier et 8 pmp d'acajou. …


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