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Professional Learning Day at Kindree

Our Visual Literacy TLLP group met yesterday and had a full day of professional learning with the assistance of one of our board's best ITRTs - David Cruz. We were able to accomplish many things yesterday - reviewed the iPad cart rotation schedule, everyone is now on Twitter and we agreed on a hashtag for our group to host weekly discussions and share new learning. As well, we were introduced to and played with apps such as Explain Everything, ThingLink, Puppet Edu, Tellagami, and Flipagram.…


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Virtual Frontiers: Expanding e-Learning Teaching Capacity

We are up and running and 'Virtual Frontiers: Expanding e-Learning Teaching Capacity' has been a blast so far. This project was established to support and help develop e-learning teachers in the NNDSB. This TLLP is primarily based at the Almaguin Highlands Secondary School and so far has been an outstanding success. This initiative was design to support e-learning teachers, who are already isolated by the nature of their work, and bring them together to share, learn and grow from both…


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n Class Video of iPad Apps linked to SAMR

Our team compiled several in class video files from March 2014 to present. This particular video focuses on the iPad apps that we used to support the 3-Part Lesson structure. Each of the apps displayed in this video has also been broken down to the SAMR model:

S - Substitution

Computer technology is used to perform the same task as was done before the use of computers.

A -…


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More pictures


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Room is complete


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Small Schools and Intermediate Music Programming

I just spent two days working with schools without band or vocal programs at the grade 7/8 level. Both schools are small with split grade 7/8 classes out in rural communities. The schools do not have access to a music specialist, so we needed to come up with a music program for the 7/8 students that was sustainable and comfortable for the teachers to run. 

At the first school I sat with the grade 7/8 teachers and we looked at projects and ideas that we could do in their school. This…


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Thinking About Inquiry in Number Sense

Our school recently underwent a re-organization, and we were lucky enough to receive new teachers in our grade team that we have added to the project.  Welcome to Wesley Onofrio and Jennifer Sawatsky.  We look forward to working with you this year.

On Monday, October 20, 2014, our team met with our board contact and our area's math consultant.  Our team members shared what we had learned from the professional reading we each did recently.  We discussed ideas for implementing problem…


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Meeting of the Minds

After our September meeting, each TLLP staff mentor member went back to their classroom and performed a simple multiple intelligence test with their students.

On October 16 the team met, for a full day, to compare results.

Most members agreed that the multiple intelligence test may not be a true picture of the child's learning style. As a result, each child is going to take home a quick questionnaire that the parents can answer, as they know their child best.

In… Continue

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Resources about Bar Model Drawing Approach to Solving Problems (Number Sense and Algebra)

My current TLLP project focuses on emphasizing the effect of using ongoing visual representations or visualization strategies on students' ability to problem solve in Mathematics. The resources attached are developed by me and have been shared already at the OAME annual conference in May 2014. I have attached three resources:

1 - The Model Drawing Structure Visual (teacher resource) 

Most of our students still struggle with multi-step problem solving, particularly when it comes…


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iPads in FDK Kickoff

Book Creator demo

We have been loving learning with iPads in FDK with our TLLP project!  For the first 6 weeks of the school year, we have been focusing in the camera, Book Creator, and Scribble My Story.  Whole group writing and reading using Book Creator is allowing us to instantly create social stories with student pictures in them.  By Airdropping these stories onto the other devices, students can…


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Meeting of the Minds

Last week was my first day I saw myself as an official leader. I created an agenda (which I thought would be simple) that I felt communicated clear learning goals.

It was a small group of teachers (five of us) and three of us travelled north to meet our counterparts at our sister school.  We were warmly welcomed, and had a tour of the beautiful school.  

It became apparent early on that our counterparts had similar questions that I had in my proposal and they felt that there…


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Selected Resource to Learn iBook Author.

After reviewing a variety of resources that could provide simple, yet effective, instruction on how to use iBook Author, we have selected a resource found in iTunes University; that best fits our learning style(s).  

This resource provides guided visual demonstrations for each element of the iBook Author software.  It demonstrates how teachers can create an interactive iBook for any grade and subject area.  It breaks down and explains how to use iBooks Author in twenty-one separate…


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Sodding The Soccer Field Problem - ExplainEverything

As we are coming near the end of Problem 1: "Are the animators in the movies Up using the correct number of balloons?", our students are learning through Collaboration and Critical Thinking. Our TLLP team has been using Problems and Projects to drive learning. Since the first day problem,…


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Starting Slow, but Picking Up Speed!

So Michael Frey and I are started on our goal of connecting our classes in Southern Ontario with others around the world. A Google+ community was joined by classes we made connections with last year. We have a class from Korea, Mexico, and Serbia that I think are going to be regular contributors. There are other classes as well, but the commitment required to regularly connect, and work towards similar goals is challenging, and time consuming. 

We have a blog where the students are…


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Twitter In Use


Our TLLP team is making efforts in having our students familiar with online web tools and social media. One of the tools we have been using is Twitter. up to this point, we have used Twitter to post information such as:

-Test dates

-New classroom website updates of solutions


-practice reminders

Out of 300 grade 9 students, only 50 have signed on to our twitter feed. To generate awareness and to use this social media avenue with…


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iPad App Guide

Our team has created an iPad app guide for apps in the math classroom. The Apps are categorized by type:

  1. Collaboration, Communications and Creativity Apps
  2. Graphing Apps
  3. Calculator Apps
  4. Algebra Apps
  5. Note Taking and Mind Mapping Apps
  6. Manipulatives and Other Tool Apps
  7. Geometry Apps
  8. Assessment
  9. Data Collection

The apps are also tagged by the SAMR model category (Substitution, Augmentation,…


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October Meeting

Today we met as a learning community to continue our collaborative inquiry into best practices for accelerating math learning for ELLs with limited prior schooling. 

We focussed today's session on mental math. Thank you to Sandy for leading this discussion.

I think it is correct to say that we have a much more solid understanding of mental math, and that mental math doesn't mean students cannot use…


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The Ultimate Math Class

Our grade 9 students all participated in a class survey on their math experiences. One of the questions was: 

If you could design the Ultimate Math class, what would that look like? What would you do differently if you were the teacher/designer? 

The data was separated into Applied and Academic. We looked at some of the responses and decided to create a PDF of…


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Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools 

      With the framework in place our next task was to create a rubric for tracking student progress.  Using the Ontario Math Curriculum, we chose to assess expectations from the following strands; Numeracy, Data Management and Patterning.  We went through each of the strands and identified specific expectations that corresponded with the overall expectations that would be assessed in Phase 1. …


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Our Survey Results - Ambrozic TLLP Team

Brandy (the board researcher) compiled the entire grade 9 population survey results into a PDF and a PowerPoint file. Her findings are surprising and very useful when designing the classroom. Our next steps is to "listen" to the voice of the student and designing a classroom environment on their needs.

Thank you Brandy!

The links of the survey are below:…


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