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Math skills needed for Business College Programs

We have met with a Business College Professor from Algonquin College.  We learned that students need to have mastered basic numeracy skills such as:

- working with fractions and decimals

- working with percents

- calculator operations and bedmas

- mental math and estimating

to be successful in some business programs.

College students will also be learning how to use linear equations and to solve systems of equations.  They will also use the quadratic…


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The Learning has begun!!!

Our project is aimed at increasing technology in the classroom and in exploring how play based learning can be transitioned into grade one. They are using technology to demonstrate their learning through picture taking, and recording their learning through written and video form. We are exploring differentiated instruction strategies by increasing the integration of computer technology into the content areas. Through this process the students have gained confidence in two ways. The first way…


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TLLP learning progress!

Our TLLP learning group has had some new additions!  We are happy to include the Grade 1/2 teacher and the FDK ECE to round out our team.

Our group went to Bring IT Together 2014 to learn, reflect and collaborate with educators around Ontario.  An amazing conference where we were able to gather many ideas for our project.

One of the ideas that we are excited about is using the Digital Human Library (…


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Professional Development

We had the opportunity to take part in Professional Development on "Challenging Behaviors".  The presenter went through the ABC's on changing and planning for desired behavior, (The ABA concept or behavior planning).   

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Mentoring texts have arrived!

We are excited to be browsing through our newly-arrived mentor texts. Each mentor text will be categorized by a monthly theme (e.g. September-Community, October-Thankfulness, November-Peace, etc.) and teachers will choose from 3 or 4 titles to explore each theme with their students. These mentor texts will allow the students to listen to and engage in rich vocabulary, questions, and dialogue while working around the core themes.

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Creating a Continuum, Laying the Foundation

In November, amidst progress reports and parent teacher interviews, I met with an amazing group of women who are all passionate about creating a writing continuum for French Immersion students writing in English.  Although this may seem like an easy task, there was much talk about how to tackle this and what sort…


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Call for Proposals: Action Research Network of the Americas May 7-10 in Toronto

Calling all TLLP participants: Put in a proposal for the ARNA conference in May!  

The theme of the conference is Joint Action: Learning with and from each other.

For more information please visit the ARNA website at :…


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IPad Workshops Complete


I just finished a series of IPad workshops for the Elementary/Intermediate Generalist teacher on Music. 

We explored the following apps:

Aurasma - looking specifically at how we can use Aurasma to display and showcase student work in a performance based course. 

QR Code Activities - Recorder Book with QR code links to Videos, Rhythm Activities, Note naming activities 

Garage Band for recording, podcasting and composition projects 

MadPad app…


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Along with securing the funding for our TLLP and being able to have the iPad minis to use as a tool to increase our math fluency, I was also lucky enough to secure a grant that allows my class full a…

Along with securing the funding for our TLLP and being able to have the iPad minis to use as a tool to increase our math fluency, I was also lucky enough to secure a grant that allows my class full access to a full year of Reflex Math! We are so excited! Students truly love the activities and I love the benefits that this program offers teachers in terms of tracking student progress, differentiating instruction and the reports! Continue

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Well, as of November 6th at 4 pm, we finally have the app we requested installed on our iPad minis. Yippee! We are currently using Mathboard so we can view and monitor student activities involved in addition and subtraction abilities. This will also allow us to continue to monitor improvements made by students and to set the defaults for the various levels students work on, thus differentiating instruction for each individual student based on their abilities. Very excited, as are the students.… Continue

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Sharing Summit & Link to my Sharing

It's been three whole days and my head is still swirling with ideas, inspiration, and connections from the TLLP Sharing Summit this weekend in Mississauga, Ontario.

For starters, thank you to the Ministry of Education for allowing the funding, support, and every little thing that goes into making our TLLP's a success! Thank you next to the Ministry's partners in the Sharing Summit: OTF, for without them, our time together wouldn't be the same!  (Who would get us back on track after…


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Our grade 9s have completed their first Unit Project/Problem of the year. In this project, students had to determine if Pixar used the correct number of balloons to lift the house as done in "Up". The only information students were given was a photo of the floating house in "Up"with the photo's scale. The unit problem had the following sequence:

Step 1: Creation of Teams

-Students were placed in teams of 4 to start…


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Inspiration! TLLP Sharing the learning Summit 2014

My mind is racing with new ideas, self-reflection and networking possibilities. But best of all, I am infused with a positive sense of peace in the world because of the energy, hope, creativity and drive that is TLLP!  Thank you so much to all the organizers from OTF and the Ministry who make this venture possible.  You support us unconditionally (funding for out of country conferences excepted:) and mentor us skillfully through our personal and collaborative learning journeys.  Thank you to…


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Did you hear? They made an APP for that!

Did you hear? They made an APP for that!   

Upload the web based app to your device by scanning the QR code below. :)

The Accountable Talk App is a resource for teachers to use in the classroom. An 'at your fingertips' tool to use to increase oral communication and engagement within the classroom. The App…

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Come visit our lessons on our YouTube channel

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So I was asked to post all of our resources: 

Please check-out: for the resources. All have short links. 

Also check out more information

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Rules & Agreements

We are looking for input and examples of student / parent iPad expectation agreements to consider implementing our study group. If anyone has some examples please send them our way, post for comments and consideration and we will make a decision on how to move forward with having "iPad Expectations" signed by parents and students. (I will check the iPad TLLP group to see if they have examples that can be tweaked to meet our needs). Thanks!

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Many Kinks To Work Out!

It's been a whirlwind of a week and a flurry of activity at our busy school. The iPad cart was ready to roll and the final "otter boxes" were placed on the minis for protection. Sometimes the only way to start is to jump right in and make observations. With less than a week of the cart making it's way around the upper level to our Visual Literacy team there are a few areas that will need immediate improvement. As part of the learning process, our group quickly learned that we needed "Explain…


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Our Blended Classrooms

A link to our blog...

Our Blended Classrooms

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Our Learning Since May 2014


I hope you have had a successful start to your TLLP project. My colleague, Mary Anne Ricard and I have been busy learning about Google Apps For Education. I'll call it GAFE from here on.

The following is a journal of our experiences that we record on Google Drive.

May 2014

  • Our Graduation award survey to staff for ‘Good Kids’ was done in a Google form; link was sent to HPEDSB contact list in…


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