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and a little child shall lead us...

One thing that the inquiry process has really driven home to me is the amount of "experts" that are in the classroom.  I have 26 creative, innovative students that are ready, willing and able to share their expertise at a moment's notice, all you have to do is ask.  The students have taught each other how to create powerpoints, use pic collage, stop action movie apps, iMovie, and poplet to share their information.  They have been troubleshooters for technical glitches, and snafus.  …


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Hi all! So, for this 'blog' post, I wanted to try creating a presentation with Adobe Slate. Below is the link - hope it works!

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Draining the Pool [3 Act Math Task]

Hi Friends!

It's been a while since I've been to the TLLP Ning, so I thought I'd pop by and share something I'm working on for next week in my classroom. Feedback appreciated!

Draining The Pool

How long will it take to drain the pool?…


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First Lesson Created: Math and First Nations

Created our first lesson for our First Nations and Math connection.  A lesson on patterning using beading.  We are excited to facilitate the lesson next week.  To our pleasant surprise we came up with 2 more spin off lessons from the beading lesson.

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PKE Conclusion

PKE drawing to a close, with report, after an extension approved by the ministry, allowing us to continue working until November 20th.

Our team of three teachers continued the teacher to teacher school PD with Google Apps, Drive, Doctopus, Moodle and Google Classroom, courtesy of two in-house "experts" on offer.  Had approximately 25 of 90 staff attend over two sessions this year, with the same number last year, and unfortunately had to turn a few away because we couldn't get the…


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3D Technology - Taking Learning to a Whole New Level

My 2015-2016 project is about harnessing 3D tech to help add another layer to student learning by helping them bring their thoughts/ideas to life. 

Here are the blog posts I have written to this point:…


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Back In the Saddle

Tuesday marked a day where I could return to my project.  After months of not being able to analyze, question or reflect on student fluency, I brushed off the dust and began to get to work.  

When I had initially made my project proposal, I was working with Grade 3 students.  Last September, I was reassigned a grade 4 and 5 combined blended class.  This meant that I would be teaching both French Immersion students and English students, Language Arts.  The data set that I…


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TLLP Work Begins @ SWC

The iPads are ordered and we are figuring out how to purchase the fitbits that we will need to begin our project!  As we move forward with researching and developing activities to increase the activity levels and fitness of our Special Class students, we are encouraged by the enthusiasm of the students and other staff members.

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Time To Begin Again

With the work to rule suspended, it is time to begin again.  I am feeling very nervous and worried at this point.  We have lots so much time, the whole summer and 2 months!  Wondering if our best plan is to apply for an extension again - very uncertain as to whether or not we can accomplish our goals for the February summit.

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