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Assessing Oral Conversation During Student Inquiry in Primary Classroom

Wow! What a great four months! We have learned so much on our own and from our students!  We have learned that in order to engage our kids in our student inquiry we need to explicitly teach them to turn and talk. We also need to create lots of opportunities to turn and talk. We started off with simple topics to help them get comfortable with their peers. Then we made an effort to make it one of our regular routines. We had a great opportunity to attend Lucy West's Thinking Symposium and…


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A great resource for creating a caring community in your classroom!

Hi everyone,

We highly recommend this book "Creating Caring Classrooms" by Larry Swartz and Kathleen Gould Lundy.  

If you want a caring classroom full of children wh respect each other, if you believe firmly in using the stategy of oral language and talk to help children learn and grow, if you want to address bullying at the grassroots, then you really must read this book!

Here is the link : …


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Using Reciprocal Reading to Increase Reading Comprehension

Hi Everyone,

We have been using "Talk" in our classrooms for a little while. In our TLLP, we're looking at accountable talk in a very structured way, using the strategy of Reciprocal Reading.  We first learned about the strategy from Jill Eggleton, an Australian educator and author who created the Connectors series and KeyLinks reading. We, however, are not using either series, but working instead with the ideas in this book by Lori Oczkus.  We're adapting the strategy to our students…


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We are Apple!

Welcome to 2014! TLLP & Colleagues,

We had Christmas at St. Mary in September when our iPads arrived from Apple-our next thought was-let’s get going!!

First, After some technical learning & patience on my part we were ready to go. We spent September Co-Creating Success Criteria with our students on how to use an iPad. We had much discussion regarding use of our student’s technology in and outside the classroom (the digital citizenship…


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iPad Learning - First Impressions

It has been a VERY busy first half of the school year.  Our TLLP project is moving along steadily as we work to overcome technical and logistical obstacles with the large scale, whole-school implementation of our iPad project.  Despite a number of initial difficulties and setbacks related to the implementation and deployment of the iPads, our project has been off and running since the beginning of October, and already we have seen important changes in student learning and…


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Trudeau Terrace

In creating Trudeau Terrace, an outdoor area that is welcoming to all, students have responded to the question "How can we bring value to our school community?". This question forms the springboard to inquiry based learning with the aim of engaging students. As teachers, we are exploring how to offer students the opportunity to explore this question through the lens of different disciplines. 

This term students have explored our green space and the community of users who will enjoy it…


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So, as far as our project goes in 2013, we have been off to a rocky start! We received all of our iPads and equipment for our project back in June, which was VERY exciting! I thought we would be well on our way by October...We'll, not so much. Our project deals with iPads and the writing process for exceptional students...Anyways, it is now the second last day of December and my equipment is just in the process of being set up through our tech guys:( There were a lot of obstacles I have had to… Continue

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Launching our website!

I`m so happy to be sharing our team`s website with this community! We`ve created this website to share our learning from this TLLP, as well as, resources we`ve developed for both Core French and Science classes.

On our website you`ll find links to resources we`ve created, reviews of apps we`ve used, website links, reading lists, and more!

I wish we…


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I had hoped to post an artifact of a students work showing what they have accomplished using the ChromeBook, but it seems once again that I am shut out of my work/gmail account.  This is the second time this has happened, that my password is suddenly incorrect.

We have had a few setbacks with our project, mostly surrounding the pain of any time you are piloting a project.  But even with that, I cannot say enough what a success this project has been so far - the learning that goes on…


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Midterm Project Update and Reflection

TLLP: iPads for Success: Integrating iPads and SAMR into Secondary Classrooms to Engage Aboriginal and Applied Boys

2013 has been a pretty incredible year and mostly due to this TLLP. In fact, it has certainly been perhaps the most energizing and professionally invigorating in my 17 years in the classroom. Our TTLP project has evolved in some pretty remarkable ways and now straddles two schools and several more teachers. What was originally a project with a small…


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Grade 10 Applied History Project Ideas

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a couple of projects created by my grade 10 applied history class. This is a small group of 16 students, 15 of whom have IEP's. The majority are boys, aboriginal and have difficulty with written language. I have really challenged them technologically and the projects aren't perfect. I have not edited their projects in any way. We have been using the iPads extensively, but more to follow about our whole project in a bit. We used iMovie to present on World War 1…


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Scoop It: "Curate" your Research

Taking a new master's course in January that focuses on the use of technology and one online tool the syllabus refers to is called Scoop It!

Anyone (teachers, students, etc.) can generate three topics and curate relevant information from anywhere (websites, articles, videos, etc.) on the web.

For teachers/students, one feature that is cool is that when you add a piece to your curated items on the topic it asks you to write a brief "insight" (or reflection) that could capture…


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iMovie files are too large to post...

Hi everyone, particularly the TLLP team,

I have some amazing exemplars of iMovie assignments that I would like to share but cannot as a result of file size limitations. Is there any way around this? I don't have a way to publish them via my board that others can access and am concerned about just posting them for anyone on the internet to access.



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Visual Report created on Pages


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Artefact Post

Hope this is the correct place to post an "artefact" of our TLLP group's collaboration. We have been working on producing GRR Lesson plans for HZT 4U. The organization of the unit plans proved a challenge with the recent changes to the curriculum. Here is some of the work we have been doing.



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An Example of what our students are doing

We have worked hard with students in two schools.  We are 8 teachers, and over 100 students.  Our Independent Reading Program has resulted in great student work.  Please view the following link to Youtube.  Two students created the following movie trailers based on the books they read.…


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TLLP - Empowering Religion Educators - Who I AM

Empowering Religion Educators ... Who I AM affirmation project

Saint Anthony's Catholic school, Chalk River - the entire school participated in the TLLP affirmation of Who I AM...

We all make a difference - whether we are big or small :)

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December -La suite....

2. September-October 2013

We met several times to brainstorm, discuss, compare, share, make proposal, be the devil's advocate, draw, withdraw, review our proposal to include more technology as we realized that including technology more wisely is going to be necessary at this point in time. We also realized that bringing the students where we wanted them involved using a technology that we knew sufficiently and forced us to build expertise as well. We attended several training…


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