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Here is my newsletter that I have sent on to my administration and my team.

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Our Journey So Far

Smart Goals

  1. To co-plan and crate 15 (3 per strand) multi-grade (4/5/6) centers based on big ideas in Ontario Math curriculum
  2. To investigate how to effectively incorporate centers into a balanced math program
  3. To field test centers to collect exemplars and refine as needed based on student needs
  4. To assemble center kits for each school
  5. To have two sharing hubs to introduce kits to teachers (possible sharing at DPC in May)

Before our…


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It was a slow start to our TLLP but we are finally getting underway. September to December was exciting as we began our journey toward creating a more natural classroom environment with our students.…

It was a slow start to our TLLP but we are finally getting underway. September to December was exciting as we began our journey toward…


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On Thursday before Christmas Break, I worked with a wonderful teacher from Sunset Park P.S. on creating some resources for Boomwhackers. She really wanted to make some boomwhacker music using pop songs. 

We brainstormed for a bit about how we were going to do this and we finally settled on using the free 'Finale' Music Software from the OERB site because it colour codes the notes for Boomwhackers as well as it plays back the song for you with the Boomwhacker sounds. 

We spent…


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What the Students are Saying

When my class first started using the iPads for reinforcing math fact fluency, they had a few choices of math apps: Academy, Mathboard, math splash. After using these apps, students seemed to be more concerned with how many tokens or points they were acquiring, rather than with the facts that they were able to recall. After starting with Reflex Math, students became much more focused on how many facts they were able to recall, they used the terms 'fact family' more frequently and said things… Continue

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Primary Music and IPads workshop

Teachers at King George that attended my after school workshops asked me to come in for the day to show them how to create Listening Centres for their classrooms using QR Codes. 

Here are the workshop notes: 

We put YouTube clips through to create safe video clips for the students to watch outside of YouTube (ad free and free from students tapping into areas where they shouldn't be. …


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Sharing our learning online

Hi everyone,
Our team shared our learning on this TLLP on our school board's portal site. Here is a link with the article and photo:,DanaInfo=.aiovuesk0H2mo4oN37x+Sharing-and-Learning-with-Video-Based-Technology.aspx

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Flipping the Classroom - Artefact

The group has been using Google Classroom to curate all of our learning which makes it difficult to share outside of the school’s domain. I have summarized and transferred the information to: This site contains sample videos, a journal of events, presentation notes, F.A.Qs for various items, setup information, etc. and will continue to be updated as our journey…


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EED-IPAD : défis et bons coups

Depuis le début de l'année, nous travaillons à notre projet PALPE.  Plusieurs bons coups et quelques défis ont été rencontrés.

En annexe, vous pourrez trouver un exemple d'activité en numératie que nous avons eu la possibilité de préparer par l'entremise de notre projet PALPE. 



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De la manipulation à la technologie IPAD (EED)

Notre projet a pour but d'élaborer des trousses d'apprentissage partant du matériel de manipulation à l'intégration des outils technologiques en lien avec les apprentissages essentiels en littératie et en numératie au cycle primaire. Les trousses seront au service de l'enfance en difficulté.

Depuis le début septembre, nous avons eu la chance de travailler à notre projet PALPE. Plusieurs étapes ont déjà été complétées.  

Nous avons eu la possibilité de :

- faire appel au…


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Step 1 (ish)

The first step of implementing our TLLP was to create and distribute a survey to staff that gathered information on what their comfort level was when using technology in the classroom. We asked various questions about how staff implements technology, their proficiency, and areas where they would like to improve. We did this to help shape the PD sessions we are going to arrange, so as to try and fit the needs our staff told us they had. We tried to keep the survey short (approx. 15…


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The i-pads finally arrive...

Once the i-pads finally arrived, our board consultants visited to help guide us on our journey.  Click the link to watch our learning begin.

First Artefact

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Mathematica - Positive Parent Influence & High-Yield Strategies for Math Learning

Prior to even submitting our TLLP proposal, we were already in the early stages of planning, preparing and beginning our project. As a result, we had initiated and/or completed 4 of 6 aspects of Mathematica by the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Below is a link to our UGDSB Learning Fair presentation (Aug 2014), detailing our vision, accomplishments, and "ooopses."…


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Tech Devices in Math Class

 The original goal was to fully implement Microsoft Surface 3 tablet into high school academic math classes. We planned on having students take notes in OneNote which were then saved to the cloud. On top of electronic notes, the TLLP group installed Fathom, Geometers Sketchpad, and Vernier pro software so students could experiment and play with pseudo hands on manipulates. Finally, we wanted to utilize online resources in a way that students would know that there is help available outside of…


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Numeracy Grade 6---Math talk

Part 1

A theatre has 90 rows with 48 seats in each row.  3962 tickets were sold for a production taking place at the theatre.  Were there enough seats for everyone?  Were there any empty seats?  If so how many?

Part 2

There were 1500 tickets sold at the adult price of $18.  The rest were sold at the student price of $12.  How much money did the theatre make in total?…


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The adventure starts

We started by meeting with the TLLP team and board curriculum consultant and making sure that we all understood the objectives and expectations of our journey.

Our next meeting involved the TLLP team training with the ipads and our board's computer technology consultant as a support.

Our third get together involved consolidating and working out any of the glitches experienced so far in ensuring understanding with google docs and sharing work samples with one…


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Adventures in Math Talk

What is our adventure?

Using ipads and a variety math teaching strategies we hope to embark on a journey where our students (specifically juniors) increase their math talk and communication with thinking mathematically.

So here goes.....

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December Artifact for Blogging as Digital Portfolios

The purpose of our TLC blog is to provide teachers in our project group a space to share and reflect on their learning. This opportunity allows us to mirror the learning environment that we hope to obtain within our classroom ~ a space for collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. We have branched out from our original 4 C's and a P to 6 C's by including digital citizenship and character education as a result of the many discussions we have had about…


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Baselines being established!

Our two classes are now both using Reflex Math. My class has shown growth from our starting baseline of 13% fluency at the start of the assessment to now a class average 57% fluent. Mrs. Latimer's class is still establishing a baseline on the initial assessment as they just secured their spots for Reflex Math. The program establishes fact fluency based on response time after establishing how quickly students can type, as well as continuity of correct responses. So the above indicators represent… Continue

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Addressing Gaps in Mathematics: A School Journey

Hello Friends!

Well here we are in December and our TLLP is in full effect. We recently participated in our first session of Prime Training. However, before we get to that, let's fill you in on our school's mathematical journey, thus far.

Our school is located in Dundas Ontario and holds roughly 300 students. Our EQAO scores in grade 3 are (and have been for the past few years), extremely high compared to both our board and provincial average. However, we have noticed that once…


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