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Inquiry Live Binders

As part of our TLLP, we wanted to share all of the resources we amalgamated for our project on Technology and the Inquiry Process.  We have put together Live Binders with websites, classroom anchor charts and resource books to help you get started or continue your learning with the inquiry process:

Inquiry Resources:

Science and Social Studies Inquiry Resources:…


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Recognizing Connections Between Representations

We found that in order to help student construct their understanding of growing patterns it was important for them to be able to recognize that the same pattern can be represented in many mays. In the end intermediate students could move flexibly between all representations (context, numeric, table of values,…


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Students Making Personal Connections to Growing Patterns

Grade 7 students build growing patterns with 2 colours to show their initials.

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Building Growing Patterns - Constructing Understanding

Students in grade seven build growing patterns with colour tiles to demonstrate their understanding of composite rules.

composite rule y = 6x + 3.

"By creating their patterns, students develop a better sense of the role of the multiplier and multiplicative thinking, as well as the role of the…


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Repeating Patterns - More Than Colour


Students in Grade 1 had difficulty identifying repeating patterns without colour.  They rely heavily on colour to identify patterns. All manipulatives that are used in our classroom are colour. And looking back at my teaching, I too, unconscientiously taught with a focus on colour. I’ve learned that exposing…


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Fitbits are here!

The fitbits have arrived and we're using them and starting to figure out how they work.  The next step is figuring out the best way to use them with our students!  10,000 steps comes up fast when you're teaching and raising an active family!

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8 Reasons Technology is Crucial in the #MFL Classroom

Just added a new post to my blog: 8 Reasons Technology is Crucial in the #MFL Classroom

Looking forward to getting started our project and seeing what else we find with regards to oral communication.

Are there any other reasons that you could add as well?  

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Always Learning!

We are glad to be back up and running!  Our project has had a number of bumps in the road, with transferring of students to another school midyear, staff transfers and retirements. However, we are reflecting on what we have learned. One of our learnings is that simple is often best. We are looking at what our learners need and presenting it in a simple and engaging format.  Also, we have learned that repetition of basic skills is powerful in retaining necessary information. The more we have…


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Faith Through Inquiry

We are posting our learnings/wonderings here.


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Pieces of the Puzzle

After many hours, a long break and a dive back in, I have completed the continuum.  I spent my free time cutting, pasting, ordering  and re-reading our hard work and knowledge of student work.  
There are many who say that French Immersion students should meet the expectations that an English student has.  It has been my experience that this is not the case, at least not until later grades.  Part of this project analysed what French Immersion students (grades 3-6) could produce…

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Very pleased that our team of 2 teachers has now grown to a team of 5 teachers all 'flipping' various parts of their program - a beautiful ripple effect.  I recently heard that parents of our student…

Very pleased that our team of 2 teachers has now grown to a team of 5 teachers all 'flipping' various parts of their program - a beautiful ripple effect. 

I recently heard that parents of our students who are watching the homework videos are talking about them at the hockey area.  Only good things to say!  Apparently, they love knowing what is happening in their child's classroom and using the vocabulary they hear from the videos in their home.  I've heard a number of times that…


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Our project is well underway and we have just received our iPad…


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Secondary Science Inquiry Project Wrap Up

We formed a professional learning community of secondary science teachers interested in incorporating more inquiry into our day to day teaching.  Our team consisted of 11 teachers with varying levels of inquiry and teaching experience.  Two of our project teachers structure their entire courses in an inquiry format.  Others try to incorporate some inquiry into each unit in some way. Here is our presentation link for our sharing workshop which contains some strategies that we have learned…


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