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Reaching out for Opinions with Zaption

In mid February, after watching a video called 'The Voice of the Active Learner' during a presentation from the DPCDSB technology coaches, I put together a Zaption designed to find out how educators feel about the rapidly evolving world of digital learning. I specifically wanted to get honest opinions and responses from educators about the concept of the 'digital native' and how we can improve or, at the very least, alter some of our teaching methods to support the context that today's…


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Our Second TLLP Meeting

On February 16, our TLLP team had our long-awaited second meeting. Up to this point we'd been collaborating through informal discussions and meetings, through twitter and right here, on Teach Ontario. At our second meeting, tweeting and texting wasn't going to be enough; each team member had about 15 minutes to explain how they'd effectively incorporated a digital tool into their teaching practice. Prior to team presentations, I led the group through discussion around leadership and…


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Our TLLP team is looking forward to our fourth learning and sharing session with several of the teachers at Philip Pocock  CSS in Mississauga.  The teachers will have the opportunity to review the profiles of students with ASD and discuss best practices in our learning environments.   We will have the time…


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Inquiry in a second language

So we have been working hard on our project, finding ways to implement inquiry-based learning in our Extended French as a Second Language classrooms.

This has always been a problem of practice we have encountered, and we have been delighted to have time and money to take a long hard look at what can be done to make it work. My partner and I are great believers in inquiry-based learning, and we are also passionate about helping students learn to communicate in their second language.…


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Technology in the Core French Classroom #fsl4all #TLLP

So this past weekend a few of the members of our TLLP group and I were fortunate enough to attend and present at the OMLTA conference in Toronto.  It was a great learning opportunity for all of us, and we look forward to bringing back some of the lessons learned to the rest of our group and to begin integrating some of the great things we learned into our own classrooms.  

Some of the presenters shared their slides and resources with the audience.  I really appreciated when people did…


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Things are changing...rapidly!

So, here we are in March and my TLLP team and I, including my principal headed to Ottawa to meet with some teachers and to visit classrooms in the Ottawa Catholic School Board.  These teachers all started out 'flipping' their classrooms.  As my team continues to create homework videos for the kids, regularly, we needed a 'now what'.  I was happy with the reaction to the videos from both students and parents alike (although it is not the same for our gr. 8 teachers - that will be another…


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Comprehensive Class is Moving!

The students in Mrs. Falco's class are wearing the Fitbits and starting to "count those steps!"

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Thank you OECTA

Just wanted to thank OECTA for giving us the professional development opportunity today. We have been exploring how to use interactive technology in our classrooms! 

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Moving right along!

Our team had a fantastic training session last week! We learned how to troubleshoot and use more of the tools in SmartNotebook 15.2. We continue to struggle with communication between the board techs and the company that installed our projectors. Based on what we have experimented with so far, the kids are very engaged in 21st Century Learning!

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How Technology Helps us Know our Learners

'How Technology Helps us Know Our Learners'  first posted in "Effective Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age" on October 8th, 2015

To be effective educators, we must know our students. An obvious statement, but something that we need to focus on nonetheless. Beyond the necessary elements of creating a welcoming, positive, inclusive and accepting learning environment we must also build rapport with our students on a personal level. Once we have these basics covered (and…


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Authentic Cultural Experiences Through Arts and Technology

Build students’ understanding and appreciation of various cultures through real-life experiences with, and inquiry into, music dance and drama.  Use iPads to explore, document and share student learning.

Click to see what we have been doing at Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board to experience various cultures through the…


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Keep on trucking.

We met today to discuss our best practises. We shared work samples and video clips with our team. We are moving forward with our carousel planning next month. Writers workshop, repeated reading, guided reading, sock and chalk, hot news and chat partners... Our best practises. We are really building great readers and writers. Let's keep on trucking.

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Digital Citizenship is Just Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Is Just Citizenship

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The Journey Thus Far

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

January 2016


The breakthrough in student voice, while incorporating technology to solve authentic math problems has been very energizing. Students have been engaging in questions that are multifaceted and have been able to articulate their reasoning through: pictures, voice and words to create mini-movies through the Explain Everything app. This app allows the students to ‘smash’ together multiple media types in order to have their personal thoughts heard.

Here is an…


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Introduction of Technology

December 2015,


This month we have seen the introduction of technology (iPads) and certain apps in order to allow students to develop their math voice. Early insertion has permitted us as teachers to see that, although students can enter a problem and obtain some computational success, they struggle to articulate how and why they are making certain choices throughout a problem.


Here is an example of the question given this week, as well as an atypical student…


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You Can't be Great if you Refuse to Create

You Can't be Great if you Refuse to Create

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SPARK by Dr. John Ratey

Just started reading this book by John Ratey, MD.  He explores the relationship between aerobic activity and the brain and I'm excited to learn more.  This seems to add even more importance to the need to get our Special Education students moving!…


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Beyond Digital Citizenship

Beyond Digital Citizenship

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