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Educating our Students and Each Other

'Educating our Students and Each Other' - Originally posted in: 'Effective Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age' on Monday, September 28th, 2015


On Friday our TLLP, Effective Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, was officially launched. The project hopes to build teacher efficacy through collaboration and is divided into two phases: Phase 1 includes team members selecting digital technologies and learning tools that fit with the diverse…


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Learn, Share, Change: How we Think Just Like Raj Dhingra (on a smaller scale)

'Learn, Share, Change-How we Think Just Like Raj Dhingra (on a smaller scale)' - Originally posted in Effective Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age on October 14th, 2015


After watching Raj Dhingra I was a little disappointed: He totally beat me to the punch and did it in a powerful way - a Tedtalk no less! - well before our project for learning, sharing and changing the way we use technology in our school (and hopefully far beyond) had been hatched, he…


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Ten Week TLLP Check-In

Ten Week Check-in

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After a month’s worth of student work, it was time to take a hard look and reflect. In both of our classes, (Grades 6 and 3) we have seen our students’ struggle trying to fit their thinking into a formulated learning strategy. We started this journey trying to develop a toolkit for teachers, searching for that ‘magic bullet’ in which students can rely on to answer problem-based math. This has been a huge learning curve for us as professionals. Creating an…


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January Update of the D2L TLLP Group

It looks like it’s been 2 months since we shared, but part of that time was Christmas vacation, and pre-Christmas vacation, so it doesn’t really count as time! Also, we recently experienced the death of one of our recently retired colleagues and it kind of knocked us for a loop!

We are back on track and looking forward to a new semester, new classes and a couple of new D2L courses.

A confession: we’re kind of scared in the sense that we feel it might all be a bit daunting. On…


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Seeing what the students are coming to the table with......

Oct. 2015


Today our class started the discussion of how to solve math problems. The students were asked what they think about in order to start a complex question.

Here is what they came up with.


As we can see, a lot of past teaching has revolved around reflecting within…


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Start of the Journey


Sept. 2015

Or TLLP goal is to explore creating sustainable change in math problem problem solving using technology.

To begin our TLLP journey, we surveyed the grade 3 and 6 students and all staff regarding their attitudes and perceptions of math problem solving, and the use of technology to solve math problems.

Student results…


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New year going forward

As the new year began, the students have been looking forward to our learning routines involving repeated reading, new reading materials, sock and chalk, writers workshop, elkonin boxes. We are enjoying the progress in oral language development, writing and reading. Go team!

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Project Update - A reflection on 2015

Took the time to reflect on 2015 and the awesome learning/work my students and did over the last 4 months:

Looking forward to keeping things going as strong or stronger from now until June 2016!

Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback.


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Collecting Final Thoughts

The new year is bringing a close to a major part of my life: my TLLP Project Building Bridges.  The project itself has been a blessing, although it has hit many bumps, curves and let's face it, loop-de-loops!

I have been priviledged to have worked with wonderful educators, whose sound knowledge, passion and commitment to student learning has helped inspire me to explore the many different avenues this true inquiry has led me.  

As I…


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In the end...

Last year my colleague Michael Frey and I began a project called 21st-century Learners in a Global Classroom. Our goal was to connect our two local classrooms at different schools to other classrooms around the world. What we hoped was to move beyond having one-off connections, and have a longer commitment to work together on projects started with these classes over the entire year. It was a big…


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Inquiry Live Binders

As part of our TLLP, we wanted to share all of the resources we amalgamated for our project on Technology and the Inquiry Process.  We have put together Live Binders with websites, classroom anchor charts and resource books to help you get started or continue your learning with the inquiry process:

Inquiry Resources:

Science and Social Studies Inquiry Resources:…


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Recognizing Connections Between Representations

We found that in order to help student construct their understanding of growing patterns it was important for them to be able to recognize that the same pattern can be represented in many mays. In the end intermediate students could move flexibly between all representations (context, numeric, table of values,…


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Students Making Personal Connections to Growing Patterns

Grade 7 students build growing patterns with 2 colours to show their initials.

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Building Growing Patterns - Constructing Understanding

Students in grade seven build growing patterns with colour tiles to demonstrate their understanding of composite rules.

composite rule y = 6x + 3.

"By creating their patterns, students develop a better sense of the role of the multiplier and multiplicative thinking, as well as the role of the…


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Repeating Patterns - More Than Colour


Students in Grade 1 had difficulty identifying repeating patterns without colour.  They rely heavily on colour to identify patterns. All manipulatives that are used in our classroom are colour. And looking back at my teaching, I too, unconscientiously taught with a focus on colour. I’ve learned that exposing…


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Fitbits are here!

The fitbits have arrived and we're using them and starting to figure out how they work.  The next step is figuring out the best way to use them with our students!  10,000 steps comes up fast when you're teaching and raising an active family!

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8 Reasons Technology is Crucial in the #MFL Classroom

Just added a new post to my blog: 8 Reasons Technology is Crucial in the #MFL Classroom

Looking forward to getting started our project and seeing what else we find with regards to oral communication.

Are there any other reasons that you could add as well?  

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Always Learning!

We are glad to be back up and running!  Our project has had a number of bumps in the road, with transferring of students to another school midyear, staff transfers and retirements. However, we are reflecting on what we have learned. One of our learnings is that simple is often best. We are looking at what our learners need and presenting it in a simple and engaging format.  Also, we have learned that repetition of basic skills is powerful in retaining necessary information. The more we have…


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