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Nearing the End

We have come a long way. Students are on target for our project in math fact fluency. We have tried out many apps, but by far the best is REFLEX MATH! Students love it. Students started out, as a whole group, with 6% accuracy in their multiplication and division facts. They are now, as a class average, 71% fluent, with several students reaching 100% fact fluency. This program has been a huge hit and a huge success for student achievement. I love the way it targets individual needs and…


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Increased Confidence

Students are gaining confidence in math class based on their understanding of basic math facts. They are able to look beyond the computations necessary and begin to tackle the problem from various angles. We believe this is due to increased math fact fluency using the Reglex Math App! Students are not as reluctant to voice ideas to solve the problem as they were in the past.

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What the Students are Saying

When my class first started using the iPads for reinforcing math fact fluency, they had a few choices of math apps: Academy, Mathboard, math splash. After using these apps, students seemed to be more concerned with how many tokens or points they were acquiring, rather than with the facts that they were able to recall. After starting with Reflex Math, students became much more focused on how many facts they were able to recall, they used the terms 'fact family' more frequently and said things… Continue

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Baselines being established!

Our two classes are now both using Reflex Math. My class has shown growth from our starting baseline of 13% fluency at the start of the assessment to now a class average 57% fluent. Mrs. Latimer's class is still establishing a baseline on the initial assessment as they just secured their spots for Reflex Math. The program establishes fact fluency based on response time after establishing how quickly students can type, as well as continuity of correct responses. So the above indicators represent… Continue

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Excitement is Building!

We have just acquired enough "spots" to have Mrs. Latimer's grade fours join us in Reflex Math! This is very exciting and I can't say enough about this math program! My class has been using Reflex Math for about three weeks on a grant basis. But because of the limited space With the grant, Mrs. Latimer's class was unable to participate in the process. However, we were able to purchase more spots and as of Monday her students will join in the adventure! Stay tuned for fast breaking results!

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Learning Evidence

We have been using reflex math for a few weeks now in my class. Students are still excited to get on the iPads and begin practising their facts. I can see the actual growth and progress in their fact fluency and it is amazing. Students can also see their individual growth and are motivated to conquer their facts!

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Along with securing the funding for our TLLP and being able to have the iPad minis to use as a tool to increase our math fluency, I was also lucky enough to secure a grant that allows my class full a…

Along with securing the funding for our TLLP and being able to have the iPad minis to use as a tool to increase our math fluency, I was also lucky enough to secure a grant that allows my class full access to a full year of Reflex Math! We are so excited! Students truly love the activities and I love the benefits that this program offers teachers in terms of tracking student progress, differentiating instruction and the reports! Continue

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Well, as of November 6th at 4 pm, we finally have the app we requested installed on our iPad minis. Yippee! We are currently using Mathboard so we can view and monitor student activities involved in addition and subtraction abilities. This will also allow us to continue to monitor improvements made by students and to set the defaults for the various levels students work on, thus differentiating instruction for each individual student based on their abilities. Very excited, as are the students.… Continue

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Waiting some more.

We continue to wait for IT support to get our iPads going with the apps we have reviewed and requested for the students. This is definitely a waiting game. We are feeling some pressure now. Will we have the, or any data, to post by the deadline? Who knows. These are things that are beyond our control. So again, we will wait.

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Patience....and breathe

Like several of the posts I have been reading, our TLLP is slooooowwwww to get started. We are still awaiting our IT person to pass on the "codes" to have another IT person install the apps for our project onto our iPads.

We have gone ahead and conducted a baseline pencil and paper pre-test to find out where students are at in their number sense skills and knowledge. We will use this data as a starting point and once the apps for tracking math progress are loaded we will begin our… Continue

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Math Apps for basic Compuation skills

My grade partner and I are researching math apps that will focus on the basic computation skills as well as give students feedback and track their progress. So far we have found Blackboard (full version) to be one of the top user friendly and better student progressing tracking apps. We are patiently waiting for our IT department to put the apps onto our class set so we can start using them for our project!!

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