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Call for Proposals: Action Research Network of the Americas May 7-10 in Toronto

Calling all TLLP participants: Put in a proposal for the ARNA conference in May!  

The theme of the conference is Joint Action: Learning with and from each other.

For more information please visit the ARNA website at :…


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Inspiration! TLLP Sharing the learning Summit 2014

My mind is racing with new ideas, self-reflection and networking possibilities. But best of all, I am infused with a positive sense of peace in the world because of the energy, hope, creativity and drive that is TLLP!  Thank you so much to all the organizers from OTF and the Ministry who make this venture possible.  You support us unconditionally (funding for out of country conferences excepted:) and mentor us skillfully through our personal and collaborative learning journeys.  Thank you to…


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Drama in Education: Taking Gandhi out of the textbook

Check out this video for an amazing example of how drama can bring history to life for students.  Filmed and edited by her son Aditya, this 30 min film explains the structure and philoposphy of Swaroop Rawal, an educator in India.

Drama in Education: Taking Gandhi Out of The Textbook…


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TLLP Leadership Skills for Classroom Teachers training session

I joined five other TLLP alumni May 7th and 8th at the TLLP Leadership Skills for Classroom Teachers training session for teachers starting a TLLP next year.  Each of us was asked to briefly share the nature of our projects and then offer some advice for teachers new to the TLLP process - what worked for us, what didn't, what we would do differently.

I have a lot of reflection to do on my own presentation.  We presented three times for 20 minutes and were asked to talk for the whole…


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Preparing for a conference presentation

Our Osprey school TLLP group (Melissa, Brad, Ryan and I) plus Liz and Jackie from this year's TLLP/PKE project (BARN) are preparing to present a paper we co-authored at a conference next week.  The biannual conference run by the Ontario Teacher's Federation (OTF) and the Ontario Association for Deans in Education (OADE) is entitled, "Creating Circles of Hope in Teacher Education."  We are hoping to have a condensed version of the paper accepted for publication in the conference ebook and,…


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Thinking about administration...



To make the change to administration or not?  And when?  These are questions I have been pondering lately as I have been asked to consider starting the VP application process.
I am in a waffling phase at the moment and am spending a lot of time thinking about out what I…

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Vulnerability as a tool for building connections and enhancing learning

The following is a reworking of my section of the paper I co-wrote with Liz Campbell, Jackie Delong and Jack Whitehead entitled, Action research transcends constraints of poverty in elementary, high school and post-graduate settings.  This paper was presented at the 2013 American Educational Research Association Conference with the Theme: Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy and Praxis in San…


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What if students wrote their own learning skills comments?

Through the course of our 2012-2013 TLLP cycle, my team at Osprey school and I engaged in action research around the question "How can we improve the learning of mathematics at our school?"  As we progressed through successive action reflection cycles we realized our question had gradually shifted to, "How can I improve my teaching of mathematics?"  Our thinking shifted as we realized that all we can control is ourselves and then measure the influence we have on…


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