Today I was finally able to use a tool that I had been waiting to fit in at the right time. It is an app within where students use the graphing calculator to draw an object using math equations. We have been talking about linear and quadratic relations for the last month so it fit in nicely. 

Students went to and entered a code unique to my class (no registration for student necessary and it is free). From there they went through a brief tutorial on the site. As the teach registered to that class code I could see all the work that students were doing on the graphing calculator. I used this feature to bring certain student work up on the projector and praise some of the things that they were doing. I was also able to see when students were struggling. 

Towards the end of the class I had one of the students say "why can't we do this in every class". I didn't know if this translated to a good thing of a bad thing but i took it as a compliment. This is just another lesson that we tremendously supplemented with the help of technology through the implementation of my TLLP project.

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