Our PKE TLLP was based on the work of SCDSB teacher Lee Sparling's Balanced Mathematics program which has enabled schools to improve the EQAO scores and their Simon Fraser rankings. This is a multiyear project with the first year spent reviewing Balanced Mathematics to determine the best fit for YCDSB. The project team connected with teachers at SCDSB and attended classrooms across the three elementary divisions to learn about Balanced Math in action. The team discussed with teachers at YCDSB how Balanced Math best fit at YCDSB, and strategies to implement a like program. This TLLP-PKE has impacted teaching practice as the teachers on the team expanded their knowledge about best practices in math and translated this knowledge into the classrooms as various strategies were evaluated The main focus was on guided problem solving and shared problem solving. A teacher resource for implementing problem solving was developed to provide teachers with a simple all-in-one resource that follows the math text used by our Board. This resource started with number sense and numeration. Concepts such as technology and coding as part of Balanced Math were also investigated and will be used as part of the Independent Math groups. Other math concepts such as Spiral Planning were deemed to be an excellent process for implementing best practices in math. 

Balanced Math Word Problem Bank.pdf

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