After reviewing the data collected, our project "iBooks for Learning" can now become more focused, and provide a tool for teachers to share with students to facilitate their learning, and hopefully allow for learning to occur anytime and anywhere.

Although Math was the most desired interactive eBook, we have decided to create an interactive Science eBook.  

Our rationale for this decision was the presence of "Homework Help".  This online resource is valuable, and already provides an avenue for students to enhance their math skills.  We did not see the benefit of competing with something that already aids student learning.

As we begin learning the inner workings of "iBooks Author", and how to create interactive eBooks, we will focus on Science and try to create an interactive eBook for units on Mechanical Systems, Water Systems, Fluids, and finally Cells.  This will allow for teacher learning to occur, and hopefully provide students with an interactive eBook they can utilize in the the coming months.

Every effort will be made to include as many of the interactive features iBooks Author has to offer.  Student input will be used throughout the learning process to ensure students will be engaged once they are exposed to an interactive Science book.

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